How to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels: 10 Proven Ideas

A complete & detailed guide on how to get Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels

When my Youtube channel had around 514 subscribers, I was wondering how could I get sponsorship for my small youtube account.

As I had not crossed 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, I was not earning money from Youtube via Adsense.

There was no other source of income.

No earning from Adsense, no affiliate marketing. Basically, nothing.

I was seeing big YouTubers sponsoring big brands and earning a hefty amount of money.

I was helpless but strong.

Today, after 2 years, when I look back to that moment, I wish I knew all these basic things back then.

Getting Youtube sponsorship for small channels is really easy.

And, in this post, I will tell you the secret guide using which you can also earn Youtube sponsorship for small channels.

We all know, we have around 3-5 primary ways of earning money from Youtube.

  1. Earning from Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Merchandise
  4. Sponsorship

I will talk in detail about the Youtube sponsorship so that you will be able to earn money through it.

If you are running short of time, you can jump directly to this section “Youtube sponsorship for small channels.”

Types of YouTube Sponsorships

Basically, there are 3 types of youtube sponsorships. You can get complete insights here.

  1. Integrated
  2. Dedicated
  3. Concept-Based

I would like to give you an overview by discussing each of these sub-topics in short.

Integrated Sponsorships on YouTube

This is a sub-type of youtube sponsorship, where you have to make a video whose duration would be 5 to 10 seconds, where you would be discussing and giving an insight into the product.

The company will give you direction on what to discuss in these 10 seconds.

If you want, you can ask them to make a 10 seconds video and you can just add it to your own video and upload it to youtube.

Dedicated Sponsorship Video on Youtube

In this type of video, you have to discuss all the pros and cons of a product.

You can’t add your video with it. It should contain reviews only about the product.

Example- Mobile Unboxing Videos

Concept-based sponsorship video on YouTube

In this type of video, you have to make people understand the concept of the service/product of the company.

  1. What is it?
  2. How it can be helpful?
  3. How to use it? etc.

You have to make them understand using different stories, infographics, animations, etc.

Generally, this type of sponsored video pays you a huge amount of money compared to the other two types.

Why small YouTube channels don’t get sponsorships: Reason & Case Study

Do you know how much PewDiPie earns from sponsorships?

He earns more than 18000$ per video for sponsorship.

Can you tell me how much Markipiler earns from sponsorships?

More than 10,000$ per video.

Why are they getting a huge amount of money for sponsorships?

Have you ever tried to introspect about the reason behind this, ever?

In one word, the answer is BRAND.

A small youtube which has started a few days ago is not well established like Mr. Beast or Logan paul.

People don’t know these new channels. People have not come across these channels as their reach is low.

A company will always look for its profit.

Let me make you understand it by giving an example.

Suppose you are Markiplier Vr and you have a very small Youtube channel with 200 subscribers.

You are uploading videos daily and getting 40-60 views in every video.

One day you get an email from a company. It tells you to make a product endorsement.

You just have to promote their product and in return, they will give you money.

You did the sponsorship of the product and as your luck had it, your video got stuck in 20 views.

But, the thing is you have already received 100$ for that sponsorship. Lucky Markiplier Vr.

Now think, whose loss is it? Definitely not yours.

The company would bear the loss and put you on the blacklist for future sponsorships. LOL.

So, why small youtube channels usually do not get sponsorships?

  1. They have very little reach.
  2. They have fewer subscribers.
  3. They get very less views.
  4. They upload mixed content in their YT channel.
  5. They are not famous. So, people do not know them, thus can not trust their words or actions.

Let’s understand what Sponsors look for in a youtube channel and understand how to get youtube sponsorship for small channels.

What Sponsors look for in a youtube channel?

What do you think about what they look for?

Let’s discuss each of those things.

Professionalism (Quality Content)

When a brand checks your youtube channel, be it a small youtube channel or a big youtube channel, the first thing they notice is that how well you have optimized your channel and how good it looks.

If your channel does not look good, the first impression will be bitter and it will last long.

They will check whether your videos’ quality is good.

The way you shoot a video, the way you recording a video everything matters a lot.

Being stick to professionalism values will fetch you more sponsorships, otherwise, you may able to get AdSense approval but, you can’t get sponsorships.

I will discuss how can you make your brand better in this post later.

Subscriber Base

If your channel has fewer subscribers, it may not get sponsorships.

You may ask me, why? The reason is simple.

If your channel has no strong subscriber base, then who will watch that sponsorship video?

Isn’t it the loss of a sponsor?

You have to think about it, being in their shoes.

When you don’t have many subscribers, your reach is less.

So, you have to have a good number of subscribers.

Being said that, I also reveal a trick using which you can get sponsorships, even if you have fewer amount of subscribers. You can also know here how to boost your youtube subscribers.

Your Channel Niche

When it comes to Youtube sponsorship for small channels, your niche holds an important role.

What is a niche?

A niche simply means a category. Which category your channel belongs to?

There are many niches like entertainment, sc, and tech, games, etc.

If you have a cooking niche, then it is weird if you sponsor a gaming gadget. Right?

So, niche matters a lot. Let’s discuss another aspect to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels.

Types of Audience

The type of audience in your channel actually matters.

Suppose you have a small Youtube channel on the education niche, where you teach different things.

And, one of your friends promoted your channel on his channel, which belongs to the gaming niche.

Now, you have around 5000 subscribers base.

But, 90% of the subscribers are interested in gaming and not in education.

As a result, you started getting very low views in your videos. And, now Sponsors will give you the chance to take the sponsorship of their product.

Age Group

This is the single most important thing.

What is the age group that most of your viewers belong to?

People belonging to the age group of 18-24 are dependant on family and they are most interested in gaming and entertainment.

Whereas people belonging to the age group of 30-50 are generally independent and most of them are interested in the niche of finance, insurance, investment, and earning money niche.

So, the age group matters.

The age group 18-24 can’t afford to buy an iPhone 12 max pro if you sponsor it in your video.

But, there is a higher chance of the other age group buying it. (At least they have money, they can afford.)

How to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels: A detailed guide

Let’s discuss some practical things.

What are the things you can do to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels?

You have to take care of all those things which brands are looking for in you.

This works 100% perfect and using this blueprint many small youtube channel has got sponsorships.

Keep these 8 points in your mind.

How to get Youtube sponsorship for small channelsCreate a brand with a specific category

I have used the word brand many times in this post.

But, what do you mean by a brand?

Case Study-1: Think of Starbucks Coffee.

Now think, how much do you pay for Starbucks coffee? And, how much do you pay for other coffees?

Starbucks charges more compared to other companies and people are ready to pay the amount.

It is not because Starbucks has some secret ingredients in its coffee, which other companies lack, but it is because of the brand that Starbucks has created over time.

People will happily pay even 50$ for Starbucks coffee when they will see its logo on it.

Note: This article is not sponsored by Starbucks.

Case Study-2: Do you know Brian Dean, the SEO Expert, and the founder of Backlinko? (We share a common name though.)

If you visit his youtube channel, you will find what a brand he has.

Let me show you.

How to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels

If you observe, you will find-

  1. The channel has a perfect theme (green color).
  2. Channel art is awesome.
  3. Titles of videos are catchy.
  4. The thumbnails will urge you to click on it.
  5. It has a good subscriber base.
  6. It posts videos that are related to SEO, blogging, and overall Digital marketing.

So, what’s the takeaway from it?

You have to make such a channel, where you have-

  1. A PARTICULAR NICHE (Be it gaming, coding, or anything.)
  2. A fixed theme.
  3. Catchy titles.
  4. Awesome thumbnails etc.

Basically, you have to work upon those things, which people notice first.

This is the first lesson.

Quality Content

If you check out Brian’s channel, you will stumble upon those awesome quality content.

His videos are perfectly shot and edited.

I don’t know whether he has done it by himself or hired someone to do it for him.

But, you can do these things by yourself.

What you have to focus on is-

  1. Video’s length should be 8 minutes plus
  2. Make the proper cuts in the video.
  3. Focus on audio and video quality.
  4. Use data, statistics, case studies in the video to seem authentic.
  5. Edit the video properly.

That’s it. Just be consistent.

If you can do it, then it is awesome. Otherwise, you have the option to hire someone who will do it for you.

Upload videos regularly

Uploading videos regularly has its own advantage.

A study has shown that people who are consistent in uploading videos daily see faster success than those who upload infrequently.

I am not saying upload 5 videos a day.

Initially, you have to give the push. So, upload a video every day or every 2 days doing some Keyword brainstorming.

Mention the location’s name

While uploading a video, you might have come across an option, where it is asking you to mention your location.

It actually helps a lot.

The sponsors will come to know where they can get their targeted audiences from.

Another benefit of mentioning the location in your video is, more people of the location will find it.

Create your account in Social Sites

If you have no social site accounts, no one will trust you.

After all, you have to be genuine and authentic.

If you have no social site presence, the brands may think that you are a fake person.

Being present on social sites has its own advantage like you can do affiliate marketing there, you can sell any products to your followers and the most important thing is you can drive traffic to your youtube channel from there.

So, you have to create your accounts on different social platforms like-

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

Actually, these 4 sites are enough.

It is also advisable that along with creating accounts there, you have to consistent in uploading different posts there.

Otherwise, there is no meaning in creating those accounts.

Make a Targeted Audience your subscribers

This is the most difficult but exciting part.

I have already discussed the reason why do need a targeted audience.

It helps you in many ways.

In the initial period, you will not have many subscribers. So, a random subscriber from any domain will put a smile on your face.

Over time, while growing, try to get those audiences, who would be interested in your videos to watch.

Actually, it will take some time to get your targeted audiences.

Either you can wait or take the help of the next idea.

Promote your channel

You should promote your channel initially to get a good amount of subscribers.

You can use any of those below platforms.

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Youtube Collaboration

In my opinion, to get the first 1000 subscribers for your channel, you should take the help of Google Adwords as it is simple, easy, cheap thus quite affordable.

Using Fiverr for promotion also brings good results. There you can get the services starting from 5$.

If you do a youtube collaboration, you can increase your reach. More people will come to know.

So, there is a high chance of getting a good amount of subscribers from youtube collaboration.

About Section & Business Email

There are two types of emails.

  1. Personal Emails
  2. Business Emails

If you want to get sponsorships, you have to create a business email.

You can create a business email by just simply using google. As simple as that.

If you search Markiplier email, you will get the business email. Like this, every big YouTubers has their business emails. So, you have to have one.

The only thing that remained is this- the About section.

Write a perfect about in your about section on YouTube.

  1. In the first 2-3 lines, mention about you, your experience, etc.
  2. The next few lines should contain what your channel is all about.
  3. In the end, add your business email there.

Let’s delve deeper into how to get youtube sponsorship for small channels.

How to find Youtube sponsorship for small channels using SPONSORSHIP SITES?

There are many sites, where you can get sponsorship.

If no brand is approaching you, then this is the best way.

I will list a few sponsorship sites here, using which you can also get Youtube sponsorship for small channels.


I mentioned FameBit here just to clarify some doubts of my readers. I will not write the FameBit review here.

We all know that Famebit had been acquired by YouTube. Many beginners were dependant on it to get youtube sponsorship for small channels.

In April 2020, Famebit updated it would offer only 2 services.

  1. A self-service
  2. A full service

As of now, there is no self-service available on the website.

The full service is available only for American people having more than 25k subscribers.

So, it is impossible for a small youtube channel to get sponsorships from FameBit.

Are there any Famebit alternatives? Yes, there are a few sites like FameBit.


You just need a minimum of 2000 subscribers to get sponsorships through Grapevine.

Grapevine has reportedly given more than 5 million dollars to its creators.

You have this liberty here to pick any brand according to your niche, demographic, and channel size.

When a brand approves your pitch, you will be able to do a sponsorship.

Channel Pages

If you are someone who has 100 subscribers, you will able to get the chance of doing a sponsorship video.

Now people might ask, how to get sponsorships with 0 (zero) subscribers?

Seriously? Zero subscribers? I don’t want to disappoint you.

No one will give sponsorship. But, you can try it on Channel Pages.

There is no subscribers constraint.

Another plus point of this site is- you can collaborate with other youtube channels even if you have 0 subscribers.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for a youtube partnership for small channels, then visit now.


This site also allows you to get sponsorships even if you have a 0 subscriber base.

AspireIQ gives you the freedom to choose the brands you want to work with.

You don’t have to sit and wait for getting sponsorships.

Just browse through the site, you will learn and earn a lot through sponsorships.

This is the best youtube partnership for small accounts.

Content BLVD

This site works on the barter system.

In a barter system, a company/brand will give you something in exchange for something.

There is no money involved here.

A company will give you a product and will tell you to review it on your channel.

After doing the review, you can keep the product, but the company will not give you any money.

If you are in a fashion niche or a beauty niche, then Content BLVD is exclusively for you.

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FAQs: How to get Youtube sponsorship for small channels?

There are many questions that people ask when it comes to Youtube sponsorship for small channels.

Let me discuss it one by one. If you have any doubt, queries as well as questions, you can ask me in the comment section below.

Should you approach a brand for getting Sponsorships?

The answer is both Yes and No. I will tell you why.

Why NO?

If a brand gives 100$ for sponsorship to other channels, whom it approaches from its side, then it will give you a lesser amount as you are approaching it from your side.

In the first place, it didn’t choose you. That says all.

If you are okay with a lesser amount, you can go with it.

Why YES?

Because initially, no brand will approach you from their side.

So, it is a better idea to reach out directly to them.

You will get a lesser amount, but that’ okay initially. No?

Should you rely upon sponsorships?

The answer is no.

Remember there is an element of favoritism in the world of sponsorships.

It favors them who have excelled in their respective field.

If you are starting, my suggestion would be not dependant on Sponsorships only.

You never know when you will stop getting sponsorships.

Better, you rely on affiliate marketing and Adsense earning.

Bottom Line

Getting youtube sponsorship for small channels is difficult at the beginning, especially, if you are a beginner.

To consistently getting sponsorship, you have to, first of all, make a brand of your channel.

Using the above idea, you can get youtube sponsorship for small channels. I think it must have helped you a lot in knowing many things.

Just post quality content regularly. Share your videos on different sites.

Take care of your channel. Brands will take care of you by giving sponsorships.

If you liked this, then drop a comment and let me know whether you absorbed the ideas on youtube sponsorship for small channels. Thank you.

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