How to fix windows 10 white screen problem in Windows Security?

How to fix the windows 10 white screen problem in Windows Security?

When you start your pc and visit windows security, have you ever faced a static white screen?

This is a common problem in windows 10. You will not get any option there except a white blank screen.

In windows 7, the problem is different.

You will get to see the white screen problem while starting up your pc.

After the windows logo displayed, the screen would go blank there with no option on the screen.

But, in windows 1o, this is completely different. You do not see the white screen problem while starting up your pc. Some particular programs of windows 10 would show you a blank white screen with no option on it.

How to solve this Windows 10 white screen problem? Does it cause by any virus? Is there a white screen virus windows 10?

We will discuss each and everything in detail. Let’s have a look at those topics that we would cover here.

  1. Windows 10 white screen: Why does it happen and Reasons.
  2. Different methods to solve the Windows 10 white screen problem.

Reason for windows 10 white screen

What can be the possible reasons for the windows 10 white screen?

Keeping the windows security screen turning white problem aside, let’s discuss what can be the common cause for a pc turning into a blank white screen in general.

The reason may vary from PC to PC. But, here are some common reasons that make windows 10 white screen problem.

Glitches in Graphics Card

A faulty Graphics Card can be one reason for your windows 10 white screen.

Sometimes you might have observed that while playing a game or watching any video, your pc freezes automatically. And, in some cases, it automatically gets shut down.

Also some times, at the time of using your windows 10 pc, out of a sudden, your pc screen shows weird colors. These are some glitches of your faulty graphics card.

If you are seeing such things on your pc screen, then consider it replacing them with a new one.

The sooner you change the better it will be for your pc health.

You can read here about the Graphics Processor Unit.

Virus and Malware

This is the best reason that comes to my mind if you are complaining about your windows 10 white screen problem.

Though it is a common problem, it can more damage if it remains unfixed.

For that, you need to run a full pc scan and install anti-virus and anti-malware software. Keep a look at your PC’s health often.

A virus can cause the screen of your Windows 10 PC to turn into a white screen.

Lose of cable inside the laptop

This is, of course, no rocket science. Think of it in a general way like what will happen if a wire loses in a tv.

Will the TV function correctly? No, in fact, it will not start in some cases.

The same thing goes for your laptop. Replace wire with cable.

If there is loose of cables inside your laptop, then it will function partially. Specifically, if the connector connecting your laptop screen with the motherboardthen the white screen problem arises.

Power savings settings

Here you have to check your windows power savings settings.

Just check whether you have set your power plan to sleep or hibernate.

Sometimes, keeping your power plan set to the above things creates the problem.

LCD Panel

If your LCD panel is getting heat so much, then, no doubt, the problem windows 10 white screen will arise.

If you have a faulty LCD panel, I am not talking about the whole LCD assembly, then it will show some weird behavior.

If the temperature is high than what it can manage, then you will definitely come across the white screen problem, blue screen problem, and black screen problem in your windows 10 edition laptop.

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10 Ways to fix windows 10 white screen problem

There are several methods using which you can fix the windows 10 white screen problem. If you think that your pc needs professional repair, then go to your PC Company’s care and fix the problem there.

If you want to fix it by yourself, then do it.

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind is that if one method does not work, try other methods and see which method works for you.

I have already stated the reasons behind the windows 10 white screen problem. Try to not do those things which are harmful to your PC’s health.

Let’s discuss the methods to solve the Windows 10 white screen issue, which you see in the windows security.

In general, if you want to solve the problem, then read this section.

Update your windows 10

Updating your windows 10 can help you in eliminating the white screen problem if it was occurred due to a system malfunction.

To update your windows, perform the following steps after me.

Step-1: Click on the “start menu” which is at the bottom left corner of your pc.

Step-2: Just above the windows logo, there are two options. The second last bottom is for the Settings. Click on it.

Step-3: Among those bunch of options, click on the last option where it has been written “Update and Security”.

windows 10 white screen

Step-4: Check for any new updates there for windows 10. If any new updates are there, click on it and update.

Step-5: If any pending updates are there, you also need to update them.

windows 10 white screen

Step-6: Just follow the instructions which are popping up on your screen.

Step-7: The update will take some time, but that’s worth it. After successfully update, don’t forget to restart your computer.

Force restart or Force reboot your computer

If you see a white screen while opening up your pc, you just need to follow this method.

This may seem not so important, but it actually works.

For doing force restart, you need to press your power key for some time till it completely shut down.

Then after that turn on your pc.

If, this time, you see the same problem continues, then repeat the process one more time.

It may solve your windows 10 white screen problem if it is caused by any app or software.

Update your Graphics Card & Graphic Driver

It is very common that an outdated graphic driver may cause the windows 10 white screen problem.

So, you need to update it. It is also recommended to update your Graphics Card.

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to update your graphics driver in your windows 10.

Step-1: Hover your arrow around the ‘My Computer’ icon and then do a right-click on it.

windows 10 white screen

Step-2: After doing it, you will get several options there. Click on the ‘manage’ option.

Step-3: Under the system tools option, you will get a few more options. Click on the “Device Manager” option.

windows 10 white screen 1

Step-4: On the right side, there are several more options and you have to just click on the “Display Adapters” option to go with.

windows 10 white screen 2021

Step-5: There, you will also get a few options. One by one, update them by right-clicking on them and selecting “Update Driver.”

windows 10 white screen

Step-6: It is also recommended that you should first uninstall those drivers by right-clicking on it and selecting “Uninstall Device” and then reinstall those drivers.

windows 10 white screen 2021

This way you can also fix the windows 10 white screen problem.

Perform Clean boot

For doing a clean boot, follow the below steps.

Step-1: In the windows search box, just type “System Configuration.”

Step-2: Now you have to click on the “System Configuration” app.

Step-3: Go to the “Services” tab.

windows 10 white screen 2022

Step-4: Then click on “Hide all Microsoft services” and after that just click on “Disable all.”

Step-5: Further click on the “apply” button and then “ok”. After that restart your device

Open PC in Safe Mode

Safe mode is basically your pc without any third-party apps, software, and programs.

Sometimes, those third-party apps cause the windows 10 white screen problem.

While opening up your pc, if you are not facing the white screen problem, then it is obvious that one of that third-party software is causing the problem.

How to solve this issue easily?

Follow the above steps till step-2 which are given in the previous method, then go ahead with the below steps.

Step-1: In the system configuration windows, select the Boot tab.

windows 10 white screen 2023

Step-2: Select Safe Boot which is under the Boot Options.

Step-3: You further do not need to choose any options which are there.

Step-4: After that click on Apply and then press OK.

Step-5: Then you need to reboot your device.

Use Revo uninstaller to uninstall any third-party antivirus

Sometimes, the third-party antivirus causes the problem and you face windows 10 white screen problem.

If the antivirus is not reliable at all, just uninstall it. If you want to read more, Click here to know how to uninstall a program in Windows 10.

After uninstalling the software, if you see that the software has not gone completely, then you need to do something.

You have to forcefully remove that app from your Windows 10 device.

If a software’s name is not in your Windows registry, then the app has been completely removed.

We will do it by using Revo uninstaller.

Step-1: Visit google and type “Revo Uninstaller” in the search bar.

Step-2: The first result is the official website of the Revo uninstaller. Download the free version of it, which is free for 1 month.

Step-3: After that software fully gets installed, it’s time to uninstall those programs which were not uninstalling easily before.

Step-4: Here, you can select any app or program, or software that you want to remove from your Windows 10 device.

Step-5: It will take a few minutes to uninstall a program and then, you have to scan your pc. Then delete the leftover folders and files of the app by following those instructions.

Step-6: Then just restart your pc and see if the problem gets resolved completely.

Use System Restore Point Windows 10

System Restore point is essentially the state where your pc automatically or you manually keep it as a backup store for those apps, programs, software, or files which are there present in your pc at that particular time.

Before doing some changes or installing new software to a pc, people generally use the system restore point feature.

If you are facing the windows 10 white screen problem, it may be a solution as it gives you the option to restore your pc to a particular time when it was working fine.

By simply restoring it, you may solve your problem.

Update your LCD panel

As we discussed, the LCD panel might have some glitches, which cause the windows 10 white screen problem.

You need to replace it with a new LCD panel.

Another thing is that you have to go with an LCD panel which can bear a certain amount of temperature or heat as we call it.

You do not need to replace your whole LCD assembly, just change the LCD panel.

You can also repair it, but replacing it with a new LCD panel has its own advantage.

Remove USBs

You have to remove the USBs which are plugged into your laptop.

Those external devices connected through a USB cord may be the reason behind your windows 10 white screen problem.

Simply unplug all those things from your pc and then run a pc scan.

After that reboot your computer.

Give it for repairing

You are seeing the white screen because maybe a cable has been loosen inside your computer.

You can’t repair it by yourself. So, for that, you need to get it repaired from a repair center, preferably from your laptop company’s care.

If you do it by yourself, you may do more unwanted damage.

A repair center may fix it easily.

Bottom Line

If you are facing the Windows 10 white screen issue, then do not worry. You can take the help of the above methods to solve the problem.

As the reason behind the white screen varies from computer to computer, you need to try all the steps which are given above.

After using all those methods if you still are no able to solve the problem, then send your laptop for the repair of the white screen of death.

Be it the problem of black screen, white screen or black-white screen, if you can not solve it, take the help of some professionals to resolve the issue.

If you are interested in more knowledge about the computer graphics card, here is a post on Can you use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU, go and give a read.

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