Why OPD patients are not covered under Mediclaim? The Best detailed guide 2022

Why OPD patients are not covered under Mediclaim?

Nowadays, most health insurance companies provide you and your family with OPD services coverage under the Medi-Claim health insurance plan. Based on the changing perception and buying needs of the consumers, health insurance plans are also been redesigned so that they can meet the expectations of the customers.

What is an OPD Benefit all About?

Not every illness or injury needs a hospitalization service. It can be treated by consultations and diagnoses that can be done easily and conveniently without staying at the hospitals. In this situation, it is known to be as OPD-’Out-Patient Department’.

So, OPD covers help in reimbursing the medical bills, which incurred out of OPD treatment you may need according to your health conditions. Any problem that arises in your health such as you need a root canal as per your Doctor’s suggestion, then it will come under your OPD cover. It will help you financially and will be treated well.

What is OPD Treatment?

OPD or Out-Patient Department refers to those treatments and diagnosis that is done on the advice of the medical practitioner or a doctor, by visiting their clinic or doctor’s consultation room in the multi-specialty hospital.

It is important to get the coverage of OPD and also necessary to note that OPD doesn’t require hospitalization. It includes the treatment for a root canal, various dental treatments, fractures, minor surgeries, etc.

What is Great to Buy OPD services with Health Insurance from Policybazaar?

There are various reasons to buy a health insurance plan with OPD services from Policybazaar and let’s know them here:

  1. It is easy to buy online
  2. It covers the Pandemics
  3. There is no age-based co-payment
  4. No room rent restriction is there
  5. A cumulative bonus is rewarded
  6. You get treated in any hospital

What is Covered Under OPD Cover?

OPD Benefits:

  1. Professional Fees
  2. Surgical Treatments
  3. Diagnostic Fees
  4. Medicine Bills
  5. Hearing Aids
  6. Dental Treatments

Other Benefits:

  1. Hospitalization, including Coronavirus
  2. No Age-Based Co-Payment
  3. No Room-Rent Capping
  4. Cumulative Bonus
  5. Post Hospitalization Lump-Sum
  6. Bariatric Surgery
  7. Complimentary Health Check-Ups
  8. No ICU Rent Capping
  9. Daycare Facilities
  10. Road Ambulance Fees

Additional Covers

  1. Maternity Benefits With New Born Coverage
  2. Zone Upgradation


So, now you have been informed that most of the health insurance plans provide you OPD coverage. It is important to have this cover as most people face minor injuries and illness, which can be cured without hospitalization services.

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