Why is mesothelioma such an expensive keyword?

Why is mesothelioma such an expensive keyword?

Why is mesothelioma such an expensive keyword? If you are wondering about the answer, then this post is for you. Give it a full read and know why is mesothelioma such an expensive keyword?

Let’s start with the key thing Google Adwords.

Google Ads is an auction.

Most people bidding on the same keyword are in the same business, with the same goals, and similar prices and profit margins. So the click price ends up being what that industry believes is the highest you can go while still being profitable.

The key factors are conversion rate and conversion value. Clothing keywords (say “pink sweatshirt”) are well under a dollar per click, because it takes a lot of clicks before one becomes a purchaser. And the product will typically sell for under $100. An emergency plumber might make $100 on a call out, but people who search for that convert well, sometimes 30%+. So the clicks are higher.

Health, legal, and finance keywords often cost a lot, not because they necessarily have a high conversion rate, but the value of a conversion is high. Suing a company on behalf of a mesothelioma sufferer could bring in millions. Numerous lawyers want to get that searcher as a customer, so they bid as high as they believe they profitably can.

Because people that are usually searching for this disease are affected by it somehow either personally, or someone they love and care about. This is a disease that is associated with asbestos use in the past in ship and rail yards, building insulation and many other industrial uses.

It pays or costs so much because blood-thirsty lawyers looking to make a windfall win in a lawsuit want clients. so these law firms will pay big money to have their ads shown and hopefully get clicked on by the people searching the specific keyword mesothelioma.

It’s a matter of profits for these lawyers since a settlement for a client can be hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions, and in most cases, the blood-sucking attorneys get to keep 30–50% of that settlement.

The reason it’s one of the most expensive (not sure if it is $300 a click, probably not that high) is because of the demand created by the businesses that are bidding on it.

Obviously, it is a form of cancer-related to asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure often is a result of working somewhere you’ve been exposed to asbestos, so you could claim against the company, as a result of developing this illness.

And of course, that means there are lawyers fighting to get your business! The savvy marketers in the law firms have realized that it could be a lucrative keyword and as more and more of them have realized, that has pushed the price of it up.

This isn’t the only keyword it’s happened to though, and you could say the same about many keywords across industries like law, gambling, insurance, and many others.

The more people bidding on it means the higher Google puts the prices up!

In this way, the bidder will be in a great profit. Generally, these bidders are no one other than the mesothelioma firm laws.

If they win a case, it will give a mesothelioma compensation to their client, which is very high. On average, it is around 1.5 million dollar mesothelioma compensation.

The lawyers keep a percentage of it. There are some mesothelioma law firms, which do not take a single dollar until they win the case.

In this way, they bring a higher profit to their law firm which helps them in bidding for the mesothelioma keyword.

Imagine some good amount of law firms doing this. Then obviously the price will go up.

No doubt, why mesothelioma is such an expensive keyword!

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