Why is a business without an e-commerce site doomed to fail?

Why is a business without an e-commerce site doomed to fail?

As Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then you do not have a business”, and this very well reflects today’s reality. If a business is limited to offline sales and is not represented in any way on the Internet, it will soon be replaced by more determined and successful players. It’s no secret that offline business may not realize even 10% of its potential due to the very small coverage of people.

If it’s a physical point, the store will get as much traffic as people have heard or seen about it. A business is very limited in its ability to attract new customers, interest them, or somehow significantly influence their number. E-commerce stores, in turn, open up almost limitless opportunities for selling your own product or service.

Why an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site is the collective name of websites that sell certain products, services or digital products (software, applications, programs). Basically, they work as online stores or marketplaces. Especially large e-commerce sites can be visited by more than 1 million people per day.

The first and main advantage of this way of selling your products or selling services is the convenience in demonstrating your product to the client. Instead of getting ready to leave the house and overcome the distance to get to the physical point of your store – the client will make a couple of clicks on his smartphone and within a short time he will already receive the goods. At the same time, without being distracted from more important tasks for him.

The second indisputable advantage is that by selling online, you no longer need to rent a physical store. And this means that you continue to conduct business saving money on rent, hired personnel, on the arrangement and maintenance of the premises, and so on. In addition, you get the opportunity to scale and expand your business on the Internet, without limiting yourself in the amount of sales.

The third major advantage to having an e-commerce site is the ability to automate all processes. What does it mean? You no longer have to constantly communicate with customers and sell them a product or service. Most e-commerce stores do not have a consultant, because The information on the site is designed so that the client does not have any questions. Also, for this purpose, the pages “Question-Answer” or “FAQ” are registered on the site. In order to guarantee answers to the most common questions, the client can contact the mail or, as implemented on some sites, contact the bot in messengers.

Let’s now analyze what an e-commerce site consists of and how to create it?

In addition to all the advantages and conveniences that an online store brings, on the other hand, it requires proper development, maintenance and further development.

The site consists of several main parts:

  1. Server and Hosting
    The server is the same computer that we all have, but it is much more powerful, has more memory and processing power. The server is intended for storing information, processing requests from Internet users (which can number tens and hundreds of millions at a time). Hosting works on the server as a program through which the client can use the server’s power, namely, upload a file with the site to the server.
  2. Website as a program
    A site is a set of files that is stored on a server. It includes information such as interface design, all photos, videos, as well as a database with site customers: phone numbers, posts and their registration information. Without all this data, the site would be incomplete.
  3. Domain
    A domain is the human-readable name of a site by which users will find the site on the Internet. The domain usually has the usual ending “.com” or others. This ending means what information the site carries and determines its category: commercial, scientific, related to a particular country, and so on.

How to start developing a website

Website development can take from a couple of weeks to six months. It all depends on the scale of development declared by the customer.

Before you start developing, you need to acquire specialists who will design, write and maintain your site in the future.

The market is now full of offers for website development services, so we will recommend you one reliable developer who works for the result and with whom you are guaranteed to get the expected result. He provides advice and maintenance of the site for the entire time after its development. Therefore, you can be sure that your site is in good hands. For more information go now.

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