Why Customer Service is Important to an Organization?

Why Customer Service is Important to an Organization?

Customer service is not only about being very courteous to your customers. In fact, it is a very important element in the growth of any organization. So much so that it affects how the organization is viewed in the public eye. Many organizations, no matter how big or small, find themselves in the spotlight just for having poor customer service policies.

An organization has customer service policies regarding plans and activities that need to be carried out for the sake of interacting with their customers. When customers feel like they are valued and treated well, it results inquality customer service and it bodes well for the organization.

However, in this day and age, the importance of customer service should not be overlooked by any organization since customers share their views and opinions via social media platforms. And as a result, their same views and opinions have an impact on that organization’s sales and reputation. This article will focus on understanding why customer service is essential for bringing about improvement and increase in sales for any organization.

  • Representation of Brand Image. Your customer service team is a representation of your brand and has direct communication with the customers. Hence this team is saddled with the responsibility of representing and promoting the brand, which then encompasses the customers and the general public. Customers find that they are committed to a brand when they interact with friendly customer service representatives.
  • The surest way for any organization to keep the momentum and avoid losses is by providing excellent customer service. To ensure that they stay on top, organizations need to make sure that their customers’ welfare is prioritized. As a result, customers will keep coming back and also provide good reviews about the organizations’ products or services to other people. Hence, with such an impressive service, their business will stay longer in the market.
  • The reputation of your customer service also gives you an advantage over your competition. Whatever kind of industry and environment your organization is operating in, you will have many competitors who are offering the same services and products as you. You need to make sure that the reputation of your customer service stands out by prioritizing your customers. If your customers are not treated well by your customer service representatives, then they may opt-out of your brand and go for a better option i.e. your competition. But you cannot have that, which is why your customer service needs to do better. At the same time, you also need to attract the customers of your competitors towards your brand and keep them coming for your products and services.
  • Every organization’s goals include expanding its business to reach a more comprehensive audience every day. Your satisfied customers are more likely to spread positive reviews about your business to their friends, families, colleagues, or even strangers. They also post good reviews about your products or services on social media platforms, which are public and read by hundreds of internet users. That way, a referral is one of the keys to the success of your business.
  • Increase in Profit.Organizations that prioritize their customers’ welfare are sure to experience an increase in patronage and revenue. If they have a terrible customer service delivery, their customers opt-out of purchasing their products or services and go elsewhere to get the desired services. This can lead to a loss for an organization. On the other hand, a good customer service delivery will lead to profit and an increase in patronage for the business.
  • What better way to learn about your customers’ experiences with your products/services or your customer service department than to receive feedback from them? An organization should be willing to be flexible and adjustable to make sure that the customers are satisfied with their services. You can generate feedback from your customers and the general public, which can be extremely helpful in guiding you on how to improve your products and services. The customer service representatives directly deal with the customers; this can help them to identify their customers’ needs and work towards improving their service delivery.


Your organization needs to understand that it’s not only their products and services that decide the fate of their business, rather it’s also their interaction with the customers.You need to establish better policies that are customer-centered, train your customer service reps to represent the brand positively, receive feedback from customers and work on improving your services. These are some of the main jobs that many organizations around the world focus on to keep their customers satisfied. Comcast Xfinity, which is one of the largest ISPs in the US, has Xfinity customer service department, that works round the clock towards answering the customers’ queries regarding Xfinity internet plans, pricing, availability, installation, and many more. The whole point of having excellent customer service will lead to success for any organization.

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