What Types of Insurance Do Students Need?

What Types of Insurance Do Students Need

Expectations for studying in college rarely match reality. While you’re attending school, you dream of growing up and entering college. But when you grow old and finally enter it, you regret all the words you said and the dreams you had. Applying to college marks the beginning of a new stage of life: you move to the dorm room and become an independent person. But, of course, any new stage of life is full of good and bad things, and one among the latter is the need to manage finances. It would be good if all schools teach financial literacy, but now we can’t even hope for it. No wonder that students and their parents don’t think about any insurance, although students often need it. If you’ve prepared for college using the checklists from the Internet, it’s not surprising that you have no insurance: they often fail to have the important information.

Let’s try to identify the necessary types of insurance each student should get.

Health insurance

It would be a great omission for us not to mention this type first. Studying in college is associated with many health risks, no matter how weird it may sound. Young people are so eager to learn new information that they often devote themselves to studying, completely forgetting about their health. It’s nice to see that some of them started to understand the risks, and now they prefer to get professional help from a descriptive essay writing service instead of pulling an all-nighter for doing homework. There are difficult types of papers, such as expository essay or thesis, and those who understand the attempts to complete such papers make no sense just order them online and don’t suffer. However, even this fact can’t save students from stress, so having health insurance is crucial.

Auto insurance

A large number of college students have cars because it’s the fast and convenient way to get where you need to get. There are many opponents of cars, and it’s easy to understand their position, but here each student and their parents decide for themselves. If you go to college and use a car every day, you have to pay for insurance. Even the most experienced and skilled drivers get into car crashes sometimes. That’s why stating that you drive carefully and never overspeed makes no sense. Car insurance protects you and your passengers: in case of a car crash, all who are in the car with you will get medical help for free. Here’s a tip for you: maintain good academic performance, and you’ll get a discount on car insurance.

Renter’s insurance

Not all students want to live on campus. Renting an apartment off-campus is also popular among young people; however, they often forget about insurance. Colleges or other organizations protect students who choose on-campus housing, but when you move off-campus, you have to take care of your living on your own. Renter’s insurance is supposed to protect people and their belongings from theft. The most widespread advice given to students is not to take a lot of valuable property to college, but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes a smartphone and laptop together are worth 1-2 thousand dollars. Buy a renter’s insurance, and all your losses will be compensated.

Identity theft insurance

We often forget that the biggest problem is when your documents and personal information are stolen. Unfortunately, the statistics show that students become the main victims of such crimes. It’s hard to identify why, so the only thing we all can do is to think of the possible problems in advance and do our best to prevent them. Identity theft insurance is supposed to protect from stealing bank card data, changing the credit history, opening bank loans, stealing personal documents, and taking money from bank accounts. The process of recovering from this crime can take a lot of time — up to several years, but students just don’t possess it. Therefore, it’s better to purchase identity theft insurance coverage and never be a victim of identity theft.

Tuition insurance

Attending a prestigious college or university means that you obtain high-class knowledge but also pay big sums of money. It’s also associated with some risks — a financial burden is one of them. A tuition insurance coverage plan is supposed to save you from unexpected expenses if you have to stop attending college for some medical or personal reasons. College students are mostly young, and it’s essential for them to change their minds and set new plans for life. However, they often have to continue studying because of the financial burden. And those who plan things and think about all possible outcomes never forget about purchasing tuition insurance. The key thing here is to find a reliable insurance provider.

Is student insurance worth it?

These were not all possible insurance plans, but the ones we discussed are the most popular and widespread among students. It’s possible to discuss the pros and cons of spending money on them for a long time and not to conclude anything at all. That’s why it’s better to protect yourself from unexpected outcomes in advance; otherwise, you’ll regret it later.

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