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The importance of reading newspaper for the Civil Services it has increased tremendously. Out of the many newspapers available in the market from the Hindustan Times to the Indian Express but The Hindu
covers the entire news very well from the national perspectives, international perspectives, science & technology, and other issues in a very holistic manner. Reading The Hindu newspaper is a crucial and
indispensable part of IAS preparation. Here in this article we will discuss and follow some conceptualized
steps to make this task easy.

  • What to Read and What not to Read in the newspaper

1. This is very important to understand that this is a MUST DO task because it is very very essential for UPSC exam preparation.
2. You can skip Frontpage news because these are not so important or avoid reading in detail. Try to skim
through the news headlines and quoted lines.
3. Avoid reading Political news or issues, just have a superficial knowledge of what is happening in the political world, etc. Try to avoid naming any political personalities in your answers, except for when talking
about foreign policy.
4. Avoid reading pages 2,3,4 as they carry only news which varies from city to city and these are not so
important from the exam point of view.
5. Always read EDITORIALS usually 2 given in the left margin and 1 in the center and do not skip them. Including this some micro-tasks help you strengthen your reading skills like preparing a list
of difficult words and write down their meanings, it will expand your vocabulary.
6. If you really like an article or editorial, rather than cutting it, just Bookmark it (if you are reading epaper). It will help in the easy revision process.
7. Avoid reading Sports news because it is never asked in the UPSC examination. Also, avoid reading news from the Agriculture Development part which is just before the sports news section.
8. Read the NATIONAL page meticulously (in a detailed manner). Don’t miss Thursday’s edition of HindubScience and Technology coverage as it covers many
questions both in prelims and in the mains exam as well.
9. Avoid reading Open Page on Sunday where the reader writes content, which is mostly useless from
the examination approach. Completely avoid reading any magazines or any 4-8 pages extra edition which comes
above 5 days a week.
10. No need to make notes just Bookmark and Highlight in your internet browser, preferably Google
Chrome (if you are reading online). Develop a strong vocabulary to make sense of Hindu editorials.
11. Read the Financial portion well because many regular/recent changes are covered in those sections. Also, read the last page of the newspaper very meticulously
as much important information is provided there. No need to mug up any kind of facts, just remember the
trends and analyze them as they change in a particular area.


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