Complete guide on Textmail and Text mail subscriber: 10 Best ways to deal with it

Complete information on Text mail, Textmail, and Text mail subscriber

Let me give you an example by taking a scenario where you can relate.

Have you ever received a call from someone with an unknown number?

Tell me whether you have come across a situation where you just missed a call that was from an unknown number.

If you have not faced this situation, just think about the situation, what would you do at a particular moment?

I am sure you would definitely call back. No?

Most people will do so.

But, when you will try to call back to the user who has that unknown number you will get a voice message like this-

“The text mail subscriber is not available.”

Your mind will stop working.

You might start wondering that you have just got the call from that unknown number a few seconds ago. And, now when you are trying to call back why are you getting such a response.

Then these questions will strike your mind.

  1. What is textmail?
  2. What is a text mail subscriber?

After all, is it a scam? Further, to be sure, is a text mail subscriber a scam artist?

I will answer these questions with the utmost clarity.

First, we should understand what is a textmail or text mail as we call it.

Let’s delve deeper.

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What is text mail (textmail)?

In the phrase, “Text mail”, there are 2 parts.

  1. Text (Normal text, No HTML or any code is involved.)
  2. Mail (It is purely done through the internet.)

It contains pure alphabets and numeric characters, that is why it is also known as plaint text.

A message that can be sent from a device to another device digitally is known as email, which is the short form of electronic mailing.

One can send text mail using his laptop, computer, or even mobile.

Yes, it is possible to send text mail through a smartphone.

The only thing that you require is a stable internet connection. That’s it.

So, text mail can be sent and received by using any two devices at a time, i.e., desktops, laptops, or any mobile devices.

You can send text mail to mobiles from pc and vice versa.

When it comes to the word text mail, there are two branches.

  1. Text mail subscriber – normal text receiver
  2. Text mail subscriber voice mail

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As our terms are getting complicated, let’s understand the basics and clear the concept.

What is a text mail subscriber?

What is the meaning of a text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is a human being, not any robot, who prefers to receive text emails and read the emails which are sent to him by means of plaint text.

Now you might argue that you receive texts and prefer reading them.

Does that mean are you a text mail subscriber?

To understand that, you have to understand the below concept.

Let’s understand these 2 terms.

  1. ESPs
  2. MIME

What are ESPs?

The full form of ESP is the Email Service Provider.

ESPs are companies or brands, we can say, that provide you the service to send an electronic message to someone using their tool.

If I have to give an example, then it would be Google’s Gmail.

Complete guide on Textmail and Text mail subscriber 10 Best ways to deal with it

What is MIME?

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

It is an extension, which uses encoded file format, that allows you to exchange different kinds of data such as videos, images, audios, or other file types with another person.

These things are needed to be understood.

If we talk about, Gmail, it is an ESP.

We can send any kind of message using it, which we often term as emails. Right?

Let me show you what we can share through Gmail. I am not showing you just for fun, it is required to understand how text mail works and what a text mail subscriber intends.

Complete guide on Textmail and Text mail subscriber: 10 Best ways to deal with it

See the numbers which are illustrated in the image.

When you click on the option which is in the first place, you will get further options, which are shown in the next image.

Complete guide on Textmail and Text mail subscriber: 10 Best ways to deal with it

You can change the fonts.

You can make it bold, underlines, struck through, Italic, and using other features you can modify it to your needs.

But, if we talk about the other options from 2 to 8, you will realize that Gmail allows a good number of options to its users. Some are mentioned below.

Using the 2nd option, you can send any kind of attachment, be it video, gif, doc, audio, or anything.

The third option helps you to link an URL.

The fourth option is the emojis.

As you can see, you can send any kind of mail using those limited options.

What you send to another person, he can see it.

These are limited but comprehensive.

But, every ESPs do not provide you with this amount of options.

Moreover, every device can not show the file type it receives. 

To give a better perspective, I would cite the example of Apple’s watch.

Apple watch is such a device that can’t show you the video file, the audio file, image files, etc.

So, those who have apple watches, prefer to receive text mail.

So, can we call them a text mail subscriber?

To a large extent, it’s no.

But, keep in mind that text mail subscribers are the persons who voluntarily prefer to receive text mails instead of other things.

There is an element of scam in it. Text mail subscribers are sometimes, if not always, scams.

But, what is its connection with getting a call from an unknown number, which I had introduced initially?

For that, you have to know text mail’s other branch, i.e, voice mail.

What is a text mail subscriber voice mail?

When it comes to voice mail, you can easily understand that there is something of the voice is involved, that means a call is involved. You are right.

Here the person can also be called a text mail subscriber.

So, here a text mail subscriber is referred to as someone who prefers to call a person using the internet and not by using its normal call.

As a result, the number that you would get a call from would be from the internet instead of a regular landline network or cellular mobile network.

That’s where the game begins.

Supposed you missed a call and called the number again, it will not be connected.

You will get a message like this- the text mail subscriber is not available.

Why do you get a response that this text mail subscriber is not available?

Do you know the reason? Let me tell.

When you would call back, they would get a notification using their email as they had used the internet to call you.

Most of these people who do these kinds of activities use the Google voice platform.

Your call will not be connected.

But, if you are adamant and you keep on calling you will get one message. That is-

“The text mail subscriber is not available.”

Information on how does a Text mail Subscriber Voice Mail mechanism works?

After getting a missed call, you try to call back to that number.

Turns out, you got some weird responses like- The text mail subscriber is not available.

Further, have you wondered whether the person, who called you first in the first place, has received any kind of notifications that you are calling him?

The answer is Yes.

When you can’t connect the call, you will have no options.

Finding no other ways, you have to take the help of the Voicemail.

This act of yours that you are trying to reach him will generate a message and he will be notified.

Note here that the message will not generate what you have sent through voice mail, but it will generate a plain text of notifications, which he can read easily.

He will come to know that someone was trying to reach him.

In addition to that, he will also come to know your mobile number (He knew it earlier though).

What I am trying to say is- your mobile number will also appear in that text mail.

Now you might throw many questions like these.

  • Which app’s help do the text mail subscriber take?
  • Can we trace the location of a text mail subscriber?
  • Can we also do the same thing and act as a text mail subscriber?
  • And, a lot of questions…

I will answer these questions in the subsequent paragraphs.

Let me first answer what are the apps using which a text mail subscriber use to do such activities.

To be honest, no one can really say it with 100% guarantee. It depends on the person who does this.

But, there are many apps using which you can call and you will get a voicemail like this.

“The text mail subscriber is not available.”

You can have the text mail subscriber services by using some apps.

To cite the name of a few, it would be-

  • Google Voice
  • Grasshopper
  • Nextive
  • Freshcaller
  • Wire
  • Talkatone
  • Just call
  • Textplus
  • Textnow etc.

These are some most-used apps to do such activities. I am sure, there are many such apps which a text mail subscriber use for to do their job.

Those people who use google voice are also called Google subscriber.

Can you find who owns a text mail number?

In one word, it is “YES.”

But, how to track a text mail subscriber?

There are no hard and fast rules to track them. You can use your basic common-sense to know their identity.

In an extreme situation, you can take legal help.

Let’s know how to do this effectively.

Further, if you have this question in your mind that Can I find a person’s account by using their text mail number?

Yes. Of course, you can find a person’s account by using their text mail number completely.

Let me tell you how.

5 methods to track a text mail subscriber

There are a few methods using which you can track a text mail subscriber.

I am listing here 5 methods that can help you in tracing the unknown person behind the scam text messages.

Take the help of Search Engine

What can be better than this?

You can take the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo to find out whether it ha been linked with any-

  1. Media platform
  2. Discussion Forum
  3. Websites
  4. Google business
  5. Google Map etc.

In most cases, you will get to know them somehow.

Search in Social Media

I am not aware which other social sites give the option to search for someone with just a number.

But, I am sure about Facebook.

Instagram does not provide this service.

What you can do?

Step-1:  Head towards Facebook.

Step-2: In the search bar put the number.

Step-3: If the number is linked to any account, you will get it in the search result.

Ask them directly

If you are seriously curious to know about the text mail subscriber, reach out directly.

Text them. Ask them who they are.

Ask why they are sending such messages.

It’s a better option in my opinion.

If they are not replying, just say, “I would lodge a complaint against you. I have taken the screenshots and I have your IP address.”

Take the help of some apps

There are many apps using which you can get the identity of a text mail subscriber.

Truecaller is an app that provides such a service.

Most apps store millions of data in their databases.

And, if some people would have already saved their name before, you would come to know their name.

So, there is a high probability of finding the number in the mobile number tracking apps.

My suggestion would be to give it at least one try.

Take legal help to know the identity of a text mail subscriber

I have seen people complaining that they are getting se*ually expli*it pictures along with texts.

While they try to call back and connect, they get this kind of message.

“The text mail subscriber you are calling is unavailable. Please leave a message.”

There are some cases that, people are getting different kinds of threats from a text mail subscriber.

This is an extreme situation. I would not like you to do simple Google searches when you get this type of massage.

You should not wait. You should lodge a complaint and take legal help.

In which cases should you take the help of the court to get rid of a text mail subscriber?

  1. Spam texts
  2. Scam text messages
  3. Threat calls
  4. Asking for phone

You have to keep it in your mind that, it may be your friend who is playing a prank with you.

Maybe it is an unknown person, who does it deliberately to make you nervous and to put you in trouble.

But, before taking the help of the court, you should consider giving him some warnings.

What should you do after getting a message from a text mail subscriber?

After getting a text mail from a text mail subscriber, what should you do?

The first thing is not to react immediately being excited.

If you got a text mail, the good-to-go option is to remain silent.

If you get it for a second time, it depends upon the context, whether you should react.

If the person is constantly saying ‘hi’, just ignore.

If you are a girl and it is asking anything like, “Do you have a bf?”

Just pretend to be your own dad and then reply accordingly.

If it sounds to be too creepy, just make the best use of your block option.

If it gives you several threats then, lodge a complaint in the police station.

In most cases, you should keep silent and don’t bother to reply.

Just ignore. As simple as that.

Is a text mail subscriber a scam artist?

Can it be possible that a text mail subscriber is a scam artist?

Yes. It is definitely very much possible, that too to a great extent.

But, before that, you have to do some research.

By seeing the first message, if you can smell that a text mail subscriber is a scam artist, you should do these activities.

  1. If it is giving you any link and says you to click on it, then it is 100% a scam artist.
  2. If it is asking for your location and offers you a “get-rich-overnight” scheme, then it is a scam.
  3. If it offers you any link and says you to click on it, it is a scam artist.

In the last case, I want to emphasize here.

Never click on any link which you get from a text mail subscriber.

There are many reasons.

  1. He may trap you using ‘phishing‘.
  2. He may get your phone hacked.
  3. He may get all your information starting from name to credit card and debit card details.

Using Trojan Horse, the ultimate malware, you can be misled.

And, it will not take much time to hijack or hack your system using a trojan.

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FAQs on Text mail subscriber

I am sure there are many questions, which people do have regarding a textmail.

I will clarify all those doubts here.

So, if you have any further questions, you can ask in the comment section.

How do soldiers use a text mail subscriber?

(I will answer it keeping the scam part in my mind.)

Govt of the USA takes care of all food expenses, health expenses, medication expenses, etc. of its soldiers.

They are always in their duty. So, they will not ask you for any money through text mail.

It is the scammers, who do these activities.

So, the best choice is to take legal help here. Don’t doubt our soldiers if you get a scam message from a person who claims to be in the military.

Can you find out who actually owns a text mail number?

In most cases- Yes.

In a few cases, you have to take legal help.

Using different address and location finder app, you will be able to get some insights that who is troubling you.

How do I find out who a text mail subscriber is registered to?

You can find out who a text mail is registered by using different apps such as true caller.

There are actually some other apps also available. Use them wisely.

Can I locate the number of textmail subscriber?

No. You can’t trace the exact location. But, you can get the state’s location.

Suppose you got a call from New York, you can know that it is from New York.

Further, you can’t know which place in New York, you got the call from.

What does “Textmail subscriber is not available” mean?

This means the person who called you previously had used the internet to call you.

You simply can’t call back to the person using your cellular phone.

So, it tells you that the textmail subscriber is not available.

Is text mail subscriber a scam?

In most cases, Yes. They are spammers and scammers.

How can you identify a caller when You have the phone number of that text mail subscriber?

Ans: You just need to search for it on the true caller app.

Conclusion and the gist of text mail

While it is always advisable to not reply to those scams and spam texts, you should know how to deal with the situation.

These types of scams will continue to happen as long as the internet is there.

Recently people are also complaining about new craigslist buyer message text. You have to beware of craigslist text scams. While responding to craigslist texts, you have to be cautious.

The same thing goes with every scam.

Ignore the message of a text mail subscriber. Don’t reply.

If you can’t deal with the situation, take the help of the court.

I hope this article would have helped you to some extent.

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  2. I found this question and answer from a site. Is it correct?

    So I got a call from someone I met on a dating site. I missed the call. When I called back it said text mail subscriber unavailable. Should I be concerned?

    Not at all.

    Firstly, People on dating sites are fake. Almost 90% of the profiles are created by the developers or they go inactive on they reach the max cap.

    Secondly, the they cash in the desperate mode of user to get a date. Many bad practices like pimps trying their best to promote their business.

    Finally, beware of gays. ( I don’t have any prejudice about sexual orientations) They can get sticky at times.

    So, as you called back and got a response as such. Consider yourself lucky and be careful if you get a call back. Reverse engineer!

  3. Not always a text mail subscriber is a scam artist but it is their favorite tool of choice. You can’t call them and their texts are received by email, not their cell. Honestly can’t see a reason for an ordinary to have this unless they have something to hide. I won’t accept a call of that type. It can track your location through the IP address, “ in your “text/email “. Not good.

  4. This is so cliched. I have read it several times. It says A text mail subscriber is a user that prefers to, or can only read emails that are sent to them as plain text.

    They choose to not receive HTML or Rich Text emails to have an added level of privacy and security from web beacons tracking if they open or click on emails.

    When sending mail to these individuals it is advisable to use plain text to make reading emails easier one their preferred email client.

  5. People also say that a text mail subscriber is a person who specifically requests to receive text emails. As noted, the emails that go out through email clients and ESPs are MIME or multi-part format which provides support for varying content types and multi-part messages as well as determine which format to display for any given recipient. Some devices, like the Apple watch, can only display text emails. But, there are those who wish to only receive text emails, not multi-part and there is a growing trend toward sending simple text email broadcasts to subscribers. Most ESPs offer an option of create a different text version. So, if you’re creating a multi-part email with a big honking video in the middle of it, you will want to create the alternative for the text-only folks.
    When an ESP (Email Solution Provider) is used to send text emails, opens and clicks can be tracked.

  6. Someone is harassing me from last one year. Calling me from unknown numbers everyday. Someday I get 200 calls. Messaging me and Messages are about my personal life. I am sure the person behind this is someone who knows me. But I am not able to find who is behind this phone calls. If I call back, I get “Tax mail subscriber unable to answer the call” Can you help me please ?


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