Stay Home And Enjoy Your Favorite Bowling Game Online

Stay Home And Enjoy Your Favorite Bowling Game Online

Will the bowling alleys survive the pandemic? That’s a tricky question to answer. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, the bowling alleys also suffer wrath. The intermittent lockdowns and social distancing norms are not helping the cause of the bowling alleys.

However, no matter how unfortunate it is if you cannot see as many bowling alleys as you did pre-pandemic, it is a matter of your survival. The best way to stay protected today is staying home, and luckily, you can enjoy your favorite 10-pin bowling at home.

You need to download the bowling game on your mobile device and play online bowling game free. You don’t have to brave the traffic, stand in a queue or wear rented bowling shoes that generally smell terrible. Maybe online bowling games are not as physically intensive as traditional bowling, but they’re still entertaining. 

How Do Online Bowling Games Work?

In the online world, several versions of the classic 10-pin bowling game are available, and you can make your choice. For instance, there are classic bowling games, cat bowling games and strike zone, Halloween bowling games, etc. The online bowling games are typically divided into ten frames regardless of your selected version. The objective is to knock down as many pins as possible. 

Players have two chances to roll down the bowling ball in each frame and bring down all the pins. With every bowling pin that falls, players score one point. If you hit a spare or strike, you get bonus points. 

Strike refers to when players knock down all the bowling pins in their first roll. When you hit a strike, you will see the X sign on your screen, and you will be awarded ten points plus the total points that you score in the next two rolls. On the other hand, spare is when players knock down most of the pins in a single roll, and on their second roll, they manage to knock down all the remaining pins. If you hit a spare, you’ll see the / sign and get ten points plus the number of points you get on your next roll. 

Whenever a player scores a spare in the last shot, the player gets the opportunity to roll again. When they hit a strike, they get two extra rolls. Players can score as high as three hundred points in the overall game. When the game finishes, your results will be displayed on your screen.

So, as you can see, offline and online bowling rules are similar and straightforward. You need to roll down the bowling ball and knock down as many bowling pins as you can. However, unlike traditional bowling, you don’t have to physically pick up the bowling ball. Keep reading to know how you can bowl virtually. 

Bowling Virtually: How To Play The Game?

One of the reasons people love playing online bowling games is the convenience of knocking down pins whenever they want. The games are free, and they guarantee hours of endless fun. 

So, after you have downloaded and installed the game on your mobile device, you need to select the game to start playing. The first step is to move the ball to be positioned correctly. Players can drag the ball by sliding on the left or right arrow. You can also rotate the ball by sliding your finger on top of the slider. 

The second step is to keep an eye out for the anchors in front of the ball because they determine which direction the ball will travel once you have rolled it down the virtual alley. You can see the guidelines and make your decision. If you feel the ball isn’t in position, you can use the left and right arrows to move the ball. Ensure to move to the next step after you are satisfied with the angle and position of the bowling ball. 

The third step is to swipe down and then up the screen to launch the ball and roll it down the virtual alley. The amount of spin and the speed will be determined by the direction and force of your swipe. In general, the bowling ball will spin toward the angle that you’ve swiped your finger. 

Besides, you need to check the amount of oil on the virtual bowling lane as it determines the grip the ball will have when you have rolled it down the surface. 

Free Practice Leagues Or Tournaments?

Are you only seeking entertainment? If so, the free practice league games are perfect for you. These games can be played all day, and you can enjoy the fun with randomly matched opponents. You can see your opponent’s score on your score when you are rolling down the bowling ball. 

If you’re confident of your bowling skills and ready to start earning some money on the side, you can participate in tournaments. These tournaments demand a small entry fee, but the ultimate reward promises to give you back more than what you’ve paid. However, it would help if you won to take home the bounty. 

Wrapping up 

There’s no need to mope around the house feeling bored because the pandemic refuses to go away. You can make your days fun and delightful by downloading and playing bowling games online. 

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