Six Useful Mac Tips & Tricks That Everyone Should Know 2021

Six Useful Mac Tips & Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Macs are more popular than ever before, and they are known to perform incredible actions that Windows computers cannot. Whether you are an old or new Mac user, there are probably a few tricks that you don’t know your system can perform. Some of the most impressive hacks that every Mac owner must know are discussed below.

Six Useful Mac Tips & Tricks That Everyone Should Know

1. Go full screen & exit

At times, you may need to put apps on full screen to see clearly or focus. By knowing the hack of going into full screen and exiting will save you precious time.

You can go full screen for Mac applications by clicking on the top-left corner of the app’s window. When using an app, you can press Command + Control + F to go full screen or select ‘View’ in the app’s menu and choose ‘enter full screen.’

Then, you must be wondering how to get out of full screen Mac, and for that, you need to press Command + Control + F when using the app. You can even choose ‘exit full screen’ from the app’s menu.

2. Use your keyboard to control the mouse pointer

Control the mouse pointer using the keyboard by going to System Preferences > choosing Accessibility > clicking Mouse & Trackpad. Then, you need to tick the box next to Mouse Keys.

When you require pixel precision, it is best to control the mouse pointer using Mouse Keys. Some of the mouse key controls are given below.

  • The mouse pointer can be moved with a numeric keypad (7, 8, 9, 4, 6, 1, 2, 3) and the keyboard (7, 8, 9, U, O, J, K, L).
  • The mouse button is clicked by pressing five on the numeric keypad or pressing I on the keyboard.
  • You can hold the mouse by pressing 0 on the keypad or M on the keyboard.

Controlling the mouse pointer isn’t only handy but gives you high precision when you’re aligning objects in an image editor.

3. Copy & paste between Apple devices

The Apple ecosystem is connected, and therefore, a cool trick is the ability to copy the text on one device and instantly paste it on another. You can highlight text on your iPhone, copy it, and paste the text on your Mac.

To use this feature, ensure your devices are logged into the same iCloud account. Also, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be switched on all devices.

4. Use your iPad as a bonus display for your Mac

The trick is for Mac users who also own an iPad. If you do, Apple Sidecar allows you to use it as an external display. It only takes a second to turn on and a completely wireless connection.

Place your iPad near your Mac and switch on Sidecar. Go to the Control Center > select Display and select iPad on your Mac. you can even open System Preferences and select the Sidecar settings.

The iPad will act as an extended desktop or mirror the display of your Mac. Also, you can use your iPad and other applications and then go back to the Sidecar view without breaking the connection.

5. Use more than Spotlight’s search feature

Spotlight is famous for its search feature, and all Mac users are already using it. But the app does more than launch apps and find files, and it can perform quick conversions and calculations. You don’t have to open Safari every time you need to perform currency calculations.

The app also allows you to search with specific criteria like ‘kind: PDF .’ If you want definitions, you can use ‘define.’

6. Place multiple files in one PDF

Did you know you can send a collection of PDFs or pictures as a single PDF? You need to open one of the files and then press Command + Shift + Option + S for the Save as dialog box. Then, select save as a PDF.

After that, go to Edit > select Insert > select Page from File and bring in the other images and PDFs. You can even reorder them in the thumbnail sidebar, and if you wish to annotate the pages, it is only a matter of clicking the Markup Toolbar and adding text boxes. After you’ve finished, save your file and click the Share icon to send it to your colleague or friends.

Individual pages from PDFs can be extracted, and you need to control-click the page thumbnail and then select Export As. Then, you can export that page as an image file or PDF.


These are some of the Mac tips and tricks everyone must know. It’ll help augment your productivity and Mac-using experience.

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