Pros and Cons of Using a VPN

Pros and Cons of Using a VPN

How can you be sure of your security when browsing websites? The Internet is far from being the safest place because you’re always at risk of being hacked. It’s rather widespread but not the only danger the Internet poses to users. So, it’s not surprising that we all search for effective ways to protect ourselves and our personal data while being online. And, nowadays, VPN turns out to be the most popular one. What do you know about VPN besides the fact it helps to get access to websites that are blocked in your country?

VPN is otherwise known as Virtual Private Network. It’s a set of technologies, helping Internet users establish a safe and private connection with the Internet. VPN connects with the external server, and all your traffic goes through it. This system lets you access the blocked sites or features, it reduces the risk of being hacked. Finally, you can use the Internet more freely. VPN has its own drawbacks and advantages, as well as any other online technology. Let’s discuss them all here.

The Benefits of VPN Software

Since all people are used to perceiving VPN as a positive thing, we’ll start reviewing them first.

  • It can change your IP address. If you need to visit a website but it has geoblocks, VPN can quickly help you avoid them. The IP address is a unique identifier code of your network, letting the website understand your location. When you connect to VPN, you choose the server’s location, and websites think that you’re in the allowed country.
  • VPN secures your network. How often do you use publicly accessible networks to work and browse the Internet? We mean those in coffee shops, libraries, malls, and hotels. The absence of any security features makes public WiFi a fertile land for hackers. It’s unnecessary to obtain good skills and experience to steal your passwords, emails, and other personal information when you use free WiFi without a VPN.
  • It gives you anonymity. Any person has the right to privacy and anonymity, but it’s rather difficult to protect your identity on the Internet. Fortunately, VPN software is a way to ensure your own online privacy. Some people think that this notion doesn’t even exist nowadays, but VPN inspires hope, and it’s great.
  • It’s convenient. There are many other available security options, but one of the reasons why VPN is the most popular is the ease of use. VPN software is sometimes cheaper than its alternatives. It’s not so difficult to install it because the extension or add-on for the browser is enough to secure your connection.

The Cons of Using VPN

Reviews and articles on the Internet tend to skip this and make a big mistake. No one technology or software is ideal, and people must know about it. Here are some disadvantages of VPN software.

  • When it comes to choosing VPN, it often turns out that high-quality options cost a lot. We mentioned that all alternatives of this security option are more expensive, and we didn’t lie to you. However, not all people can afford to purchase VPN. One may state that there’s a huge number of free VPN apps. But we don’t recommend you installing them because the security and encryption they offer are of very low quality.
  • A slow Internet speed. It’s probably the most disappointing fact about VPN. Some services work better, others work worse, but the delays still exist. If you install a free VPN, you’ll forget how it is to have high-speed Internet. In truth, it’s another reason to opt for a top and paid VPN provider.
  • No 100% guarantee of safety. Sometimes VPN services can automatically shut down while working, and you don’t notice it. And when you continue browsing a website without a VPN, you endanger yourself and your privacy. Connection drops are widespread, and only the kill switch feature can help you stay safe and anonymous.
  • Your data is still collected. Unfortunately, even the high-quality and reliable VPN service can’t protect Internet users from their data being collected by the websites. You give permissions to gather your information without even noticing it, so don’t be surprised if Facebook and Google know more about you.

Is VPN Worth Using?

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages we mentioned, it’s possible to conclude that the presence of any VPN service is better than its absence. We need it more often than we even imagine. For example, students who order homework online are often afraid to be noticed. But they can enable VPN, find a credible service and ask the expert, “Write my dissertation for me, please.” Certain difficulties in studying are okay, especially if a person learns a difficult discipline, like law or history. By the way, the free examples of law essays and other popular papers help them to master writing fast. And those who access all these services using high-quality VPN are sure that no one will obtain their personal data.

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