Complete Information on prevNext: MODX Add-on (Step by Step details) 2022

Complete Information on prevNext: MODX Add-on

Let’s begin with fundamental things, then we will discuss prevNext.

Every day you come across different websites.

We can classify those websites into some parts which are given below.

  1. Forum Sites (Discussion Sites)
  2. Question and Answer Sites
  3. Image Sites
  4. Video Sites
  5. Simple websites(Blog)

If we particularly talk about the blog (simple websites), it can be a small website or a big website.

Whatever be the website, while reading a post you must have seen that there would be a previous button and a next button. In simple words, they use the prevNext addon to showcase the same option.

Have you marked that?

If yes, then great.

If no, then we will discuss it now.

What is prevNext?

Let’s consider some case studies to understand this thing better.

prevNext case study- 1

Imagine you are a website developer and a blogger too.

After creating the website, within a few days, you published around 50 articles on your website. Visitors are also coming to your site.

Can you tell me how would you give an option to those readers to navigate between your posts?

You would have around 2-3 options with you.

You may do these below things so that your readers can navigate between your different posts.

  1. You can give the links to another post below the main post. Here you can not provide more than 10 links. If you will do so, it will not look professional.
  2. You have this option to provide your other posts link in the sidebar. The same thing goes here. More than 5-8 posts on the sider bar will give a bad impression.
  3. And, you can add links to other articles within the current post. This is also called an internal link building and it comes under On-page SEO.

Apart from this, is there any other way to navigate to other posts?

Yes, there is also another way, using which you can help your readers to navigate between posts.

Basically, what you have to do is you have to integrate the prevNext add-on.

By doing so, you will see that you will get an option like prev and next, using which you can move across posts.

This prevNext will act as a button here.

Here is an example of how it looks on an actual website.

Complete Information on prevNext MODX Add-on (Step by Step details)

prevNext case study-2

Let’s consider another case study.

Suppose you wrote an article on your blog (website), which has around 10,000 words.

Having 10,000 words on a single blog post is really a big thing.

It would have taken you much time to write, yet readers will not read it.

Who else wants to read 10,000 words article. Everyone does not have much time.

It will increase your bounce rate.

What you can do is this-

You should take the help of pagination.

Pagination is a concept where you divide your long post into a few smaller parts.

If you paginate your 10,000 words long post, then the smaller part would consist of 10 pages with 1000 words each.

It will decrease your bounce rate and more people will read completely.

For this, you can do 2 things.

  1. Install Pagination plugin (For WordPress)
  2. Use prevNext add-on

If you are a beginner and have no idea about website development, then go with the plugin.

I recommend you to watch this video to get an overall insight regarding the pagination topic.

Otherwise, you can use the prevNext add-on, if you are a web developer.

It will look somehow look like this after adding the prevNext add-on.

Complete Information on prevNext MODX Add-on (Step by Step details)

Where to download the prevNext add-on from?

You can download the prevNext add-on by visiting the MODX website.

Else, you can simply click here to redirect to the page.

You can simply paste this link and google and can download it.


But, before that read the article completely else you would miss out on something.

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How to download the prevNext add-on from?

Step-1: After redirecting to the website, you will get to see something like this.


Step-2: Click on the ‘download’ option which is there. And, it will start downloading soon. It is a very lightweight add-on as the file size is only 42 KB.


After successfully downloading it, go to your download folder of your PC.

Step-3: You will see a zip version of the prevNext add-on. You need to unzip it.


Step-4: After unzipping the file, you will get this. Now, you are good to go. You can use this for your prevNext option.


License and Release Information of the prevNext

Release Information

The prevNext add-on was developed by Goldsky.

The first version of this add-on was released on August 3, 2014.

After 2 years, Goldsky released the latest version of the add-on on March 1, 2016.

Within the last 4 years, there was no new version updated.

The current version works well and effectively.

You can get more details about his release information by visiting his site.

Latest Version Information

In the first version of the add-on, Goldsky had used getbootstrap’s dependency.

But, in the later updated version, he added a CSS file and removed the previously used getbootstrap’s dependency.

In addition to that, he also fixed the comparison problem.

When duplicated, the resources have the same published data. So, it was a problem. In the later version, he fixed the issue.

Previously he used to use logic.

But, in the later update, he moved to class.

License Information

The prevNext add-on falls under the GPLv3 license.

GPLv3 means General Public License Version 3.0.

It is an open-source license.

Other related information

The database that the add-on supports is MySQL.

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You need to have a minimum of MODx 2.2 to use/install this.

In simpler words, the minimum MODx requirement is 2.2.

How to call prevNext in coding?

You just need to call the following thing.


Other properties and functions of prevNext with explanations

Apart from navigating from post to post, this add-on gives you many other functions.

All properties and functions of this add-on are mentioned below.

  1. &sort (This returns the sorted array by & sorts the elements of an array in place)
  2. &includeHidden
  3. &prevPrefix
  4. &nextPrefix
  5. &tvPrefix
  6. &tpl
  7. &css
  8. &includeTVs
  9. &includeTVList
  10. &processTVs
  11. &processTVList
  12. &parents
  13. &toArray
  14. &toPlaceholder

Github link to access prevNext resources

You can visit Github to access all the resources of the add-on.

Simply copy-paste this URL on google.



If you want to paginate your posts, then you should take the help of this add-on.

You can also use a WordPress plugin to divide a post into several pages.

This add-on works the best for all websites. If you are interested in SQL, you can have a read here.

By the wat, if you want to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, read this article.

Thank you.

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