How To Fix “No audio output device is installed” error in windows 10?

How To Fix “no audio output device is installed” error in windows 10?

When you open up your laptop to listen to music and it turns out it shows you an error message.

The error message in windows 10 that reads ‘no audio output device is installed.

Tensed, you opened a video to watch and your bad luck, you only saw the visuals. No sound, no music was there.

What can be worse than this? If you can relate to it, then that’s great.

This is the icon of a sound and healthy audio output device.

no audio output device is installed

When you will get a notification with an error message that no audio output device is installed, you will get a red cross sign on the right side of the sound icon.

This symbol implies that you will not be able to listen to any sound from the windows 10 device.

Reasons for “no audio output device is installed” error

It is no rocket science that when the error shows that no audio output device is installed, that means something has gone wrong with the audio system or the device.

There is no solid reason behind it as it happens in different devices for different reasons.

But keeping all those general causes in front of our eyes, we have listed a few important reasons that you need to have a look at. Most people, generally, give these reasons. And, working upon the reasons to rectify makes their problem solved easily.

Also, keep in mind that the problem might get resolved simply by restarting your pc once. So, first, you should restart your pc and see if it works for you.

Here are several common reasons which cause no audio output device is installed error.

Audio Driver got damaged

Audio Driver is that software that receives the signal that originates from a program and it processes the information and releases it in a format that you hear through the speaker.

Without the audio driver, you can’t listen to any sound from your pc as it is one of the core parts of your computer.

Hence, when your audio driver gets damaged or outdated, you face the problem of no sound from the pc.

As the Audio driver’s main function is to convert electrical audio signals to sound waves, it is no surprise that the computer will not be able to generate any sound waves without it.

Windows 10 update

More often than not, windows 10 releases its new updates with a short time interval.

Many people reported that when they update their windows 10 devices they started to see the no audio output device is installed.

In 2018, it was a kind of common problem that most of the windows users, who updated their windows version, faced.

Windows with its every update bring some new features along with some security patches which might mess up with your PC’s health if you update.

So, most people do not update their Windows 10 version. They also face the same problem. You need to read the next segment to know why.

Pending Updates of Windows 10

If you have not updated the latest version of your windows 10, then it might be the reason behind this no audio output device is installed error.

Don’t confuse this reason with the previous reason.

The previous reason, which is “if you have updated your windows 10 latest version, then you face an error which says no audio output device is installed windows 10.”

It was mainly happening in the year 2018 and most people were reporting it.

If you visit any questions and answers sites like Reddit or quora, you will come to know that, at that point of time, it was a mass problem.

Now if Windows has updated its latest version, you just need to download it without a second thought.

This method may solve your problem easily.

Audio Output Device is disabled

This may be another reason why you face no audio output device is installed error.

Due to this particular reason, you are not getting any kind of output sounds in your speaker.

You unintentionally might have disabled it or any third-party app might have disabled it. You need to check it and in case, if it has been disabled somehow, enable it.

That’s it.

The speaker is not connected to the right port

It may also cause this error which will show you that no audio devices are installed windows 10. Nothing wrong with it but you just connected it to a wrong put which is perhaps broken or damaged.

The port where you plugged in your device where you want the output should be checked thoroughly.

If this would have been the reason, you just need to plug into the right port.

By doing this error no audio output device is installed will be solved.

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Different ways to fix the “no audio output device is installed” error

We are listing here down several ways and methods using which you can fix the no audio output device is installed error. These are easy steps and you just need to follow what is written here, which is step by step.

In most cases, by following the below methods you can solve the error.

Keep in your mind that, even after trying all these methods, if you can not solve the problem, then it is a unique error. You should consult with your laptop company care.

By following these methods, many people have able to solve their problems and hopefully, you would be able to do so.

Let’s discuss the common methods to solve no audio output device is installed.

Update your audio driver

Updating your audio drivers will help you to a great extent by solving your no audio output device is installed windows 10 problem.

Using an old version of your driver will not only cause problems in your audio system but also impacts your overall health.

If the audio driver is fully updated, then you will be able to play any song and listen to it on an output device.

Let’s learn how to update your audio driver.

Step-1:After clicking on windows+x hotkeys, you will get several options at the bottom left of the corner.

no audio output device is installed

Step-2:Click on the Device Manager option to proceed with it.

Step-3: After that, you will get some more options, then double click on the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers option.

no audio output device is installed

Step-4: Now click on each option after you expand the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers option update them individually one after another.

no audio output device is installed

Step-5: Now follow all the instructions that you are getting on the popup window.

Re-enable the Device

This is the method that you have to take help of after you try and fail using the 1st method.

You have to follow the same steps as given in the first method to reach the Device Manager.

After that find those drivers that are responsible for your audio.

Then it’s time to disable them and after disabling, re-enable them.

no audio output device is installed 3

This may help you in resolving your ‘no audio output device is installed’ problem.

Simply re-enabling after disabling works great for some devices. If it perfectly works for you, then just comment below and let us know in the comment section.

Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver

Take the help of this method when you fail to fix the problem after trying the first method and second method, where you update the audio driver.

Here you have to just uninstall that audio driver and after that install it manually as it is always recommended.

For uninstalling the device in the device manager, you have to follow the below methods.

Step-1: You have to right-click on the windows start button first.

Step-2: You will get a list and you have to select the Device Manager option to go with.

Step-3: From those lists, search where is Sound, Video, and Game Controllers option. 

Step-4: Then expand that option by double-clicking on it and you will get several more options.

Step-5: Now when you will right-click on each of those options, you will get the option to uninstall the device.

no audio output device is installed 7

Step-6: Simply click on it and wait till it gets uninstalled. It will not take much time as it will get uninstalled within a few seconds.

Step-7: Now, you have to install that device again. Do it by right-clicking on individual options and you will get the option to install it.

Scan for hardware changes in Audio Drive

If the above methods do not work, then follow this method to see if it works for you.

For doing this, you just have to follow all these steps which are mentioned in those above methods. Reach the same option and then double-click to get some more options.

Now, click on the scan for hardware changes option and start the scanning process.

Eventually, you will come to know if that problem got solved.

no audio output device is installed 8

Take the help of “Troubleshoot sound problems”

Troubleshooters are the components of windows that can diagnose your computer problem and solve them automatically.

For this, you do not need to download any third-party application. Windows gives these options almost for every problem, so the audio problem is no different.

You just need to do the following steps to run the Windows 10 troubleshooter and resolve your problem of no audio output device is installed.

Step-1: Right-click on the volume icon which is there at the right-hand side corner at the bottom.

Step-2: You will get four options there and you have to click on the last option.

no audio output device is installed 9

Step-3: After clicking on the Troubleshoot sound problems, you will get an interface like this. Click on Yes to run a scan. It will automatically detect the problems and will solve the issue.

no audio output device is installed 9

Step-4: Wait some time and let the troubleshooter check for any problems. After that, follow the instructions which appear on your Windows 10 device’s screen.

Update your Windows 10 Version

As we have discussed earlier, simply by updating your Windows 10 device, you can fix the no audio output device is installed error.

Along with solving this error, you will get the newer and updated version, where you will get some new experiences.

To do this method, follow these methods.

Step-1: Go to your settings by clicking on the windows key and after that selecting the Settings option.

Step-2: Then you need to go with this Update and Security option.

no audio output device is installed 10

Step-3: Then check for the updates, if any there.

Step-4: If you found an update option, click on it and update to the latest version.

Step-5: It will take some time and you need to be patient while it is getting updated.

Check if this method works for you no audio output device is installed error.

If nothing works, check hardware

If all the above methods do not work, then, no doubt, it is the hardware problem.

What can you do? Simply give it for repair.

You need to replace the old parts with new parts, if not all.

The care center will fix the problem easily.

So, it will be a better option to go with it as nothing worked for you.

Bottom Line

No audio output device is installed is a problem that is faced by a good amount of windows 10 users.

This is not a big problem which you should not be worried out. Simply by yourself, you can diagnose the issue.

Try all the above methods to see which works best for you to eliminate no audio output device is installed error.

Generally, most people solve this error by themselves without any problem. If you also can do it, then that is very good.

Otherwise, take the help of professional repair from computer care.

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