NFC: What Is It & How Does It Work?

NFC: What Is It & How Does It Work?

You may not be aware of this but all smartphones of today are equipped with NFC technology. But there is nothing to worry about. This technology neither drains your battery nor uses most of your device’s processing power. Plus, it provides a whole bunch of benefits that only boost the functionality of your smartphone. This tech is mostly used in data transfer or peer-to-peer apps. It also has many important applications that will make your life much easier. However, it will require a decent internet connection to run. You can opt for Spectrum WiFi plans or any other in your area. Especially if you’re current provider is not reliable when it comes to delivering a stable internet connection.

Defining NFC

NFC is the abbreviation of Near-field Communication. It allows different devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to share data with those devices that are NFC enabled. This tech evolved from RFID or radio-frequency identification. RFID is the technology that is used in security scan cards that lets you into the office every morning.

NFC is quite identical to RFID. However, the difference is that the former is limited to communication within approximately four inches. This is the reason why you have to hold your mobile really close to the contactless reader while using Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. NFC is now being viewed as a safe alternative to credit cards thanks to its small radius. Apart from paying, you can use this tech to transfer whatever you like whether it be photos or videos to another device that supports NFC.

How Does It Function

NFC is not at all like Bluetooth. This means that it doesn’t need manual pairing. Also, it doesn’t need to discover any device to transfer information. An NFC connection is established automatically whenever another NFC-enabled device enters the four-inch space. Once it’s in the specified range, the two devices will be able to communicate without any hassles. Here are three ways how you might be using this technology.

1. Payments

Mobile payment is fast becoming a popular way for the transaction. After all, they are much more convenient and secure. So, whenever your mobile is placed four inches above the contactless reader, your passbook or digital wallet will open on the device and would ask you to confirm the payment. If you do so then a transaction will happen.

2. Data Sharing

One of the coolest things about NFC is that you can share data between two Android devices. This means that whenever the two devices are in range with each other, a prompt will appear that will ask if you want to beam. If you select Yes, then you will be able to share whatever you like on the other device be it contact information, videos, or images.

3. NFC Chips

These are tags that don’t need any power. They can be easily programmed with the help of an app such as Tasker. This will help you to perform different tasks when scanned. For instance, you can just place one on the table and then scan the tag. You can then do whatever you like with the device such as enabling GPS or setting the mobile to vibrate.

What Else Can It Do?

NFC is a powerful tool that is capable of a lot of functions. And you will be surprised to know that digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay just covers a tiny fraction of what it is capable of. If you are a music lover then you will find it interesting to know that you establish a connection between your device and the speaker with the help of the NFC.

This technology is also making its presence felt in the transportation world. For instance, travelers with their NFC-supported smartphones can scan the device when they enter the bus. They can also use the mobile as a metro pass. People who travel frequently by bus can easily load some funds in their metro or bus pass via an app. This will ensure you to always have some balance on the card. Moreover, it can support loyalty cards as well.


Over the years, NFC has become quite a reliable technology. And the fact that it allows you to make payments safely from mobile by using services like Google Pay or Apple Pay is a huge plus. You no longer have to carry physical wallets anymore. All the transactions can be done digitally and that too without any hassles. Plus, the other benefits of this tech just make it a winner on all accounts.

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