Mobile Services Manager: Is it safe? 2 methods to deal with it completely

Everything you need to know about Mobile Services Manager

While operating your mobile device, preferably it is android, you sometimes might have come across some unusual apps. Right?

Have you ever wondered how those apps got installed on your mobile phone?

Do you know who installed those apps?

Or, think, were those apps were useful at all which were installed without you knowing it?

Some of you will come up with the following answers.

  1. We don’t know who installed those apps.
  2. Those apps are boring.
  3. Those apps are not useful at all.

If you are in the same spot and you don’t have any clue, then your experience regarding those apps are really bad.

Come on, let’s accept that.

You all also know that those apps are not getting uninstalled easily.

So, in this article, let us know some queries regarding the mobile services manager that we are going to discuss in this blog.

  1. What is Mobile Services Manager?
  2. What is Mobile Services Manager app?
  3. Is it good or bad?
  4. Should you disable it or uninstall it?
  5. How to uninstall Mobile Services Manager?

Let’s straight away dive into the topic without any delay.

What is Mobile Services Manager?

This is very simple.

First, let me tell you an example, which will make it easier to understand the term.

While buying any new android phone, you must have seen that there are a few apps before installing anything.

Have you noticed that?

How can a phone have a few apps which we have not installed?

The answer is they were pre-installed during the time of the later stage of manufacturing of the device.

Can you uninstall any of those apps?

Let’s say you want to uninstall YouTube or Playstore. Can you do that?

The answer is perhaps No. And, you will also agree with that. Right?

Now you might ask me why those apps are pre-installed?

Why did the mobile company pre-install those apps? Are there any reasons?

Yes. There is a reason. They are paid by the companies to which the app belongs.

I hope you understood the simpler concept.

Let’s come to the actual point. What is mobile services manager?

It is a pre-installed app on many smartphone devices with the devices’ operating system.

The thing is that you directly can’t see it or control it like you can use YouTube or Playstore.

As the name is mobile services manager, it implies that it manages different services or functions as we call it in every smartphone device.

The functions that it does or the services that it manages are given below.

  1. It installs apps automatically.
  2. It updates apps automatically without the user’s notice.
  3. It controls some of your mobile settings, to some extent.
  4. It also has access to your information.

If it has so much access to our device, then the next question that follows is- “Is it safe?”

We will discuss it in later segments.

Problems with Mobile Services Manager

If the Mobile Services Manager app provides so many functions, then it should be good. No?

Like it automatically installs and updates new apps and existing apps respectively.

It is fully automatic, to say the least.

If the case so, then what can be a problem with Mobile Services Manager?

If an application does some things for you, then it should be good. Right?

Who doesn’t like an automated device, be it anything.

Then, what is the problem here?

In one sentence, the problem exists because it is automatic.

Along with installing some wanted apps, the Mobile Services Manager also installs some apps which are unwanted.

Those apps will come in no use in your daily life.

Simply having those apps eat up your device’s majority of space, which you could have used for different purposes.

And, some people have this opinion that this app does spam.

By installing different unwanted apps, it brings troubles to you and your smartphone. There are many consequences to it.

Let’s discuss it one by one.

  1. It installs different types of useful and non-useful apps.
  2. Even from those useful apps, not every app is something that you would need more than often.
  3. It updates different apps which can take up a huge chunk of your mobile storage.
  4. By this process, you are losing your mobile data. You are unaware of it. But, you lose your data.
  5. Unwanted apps are simply spamming apps. Sometimes, it steals your information.

Why Mobile Services Manager is pre-installed on some devices?

People often ask why this Mobile Services Manager is pre-installed.

I will make you understand it by a case study.

Case Study

Suppose there is an android mobile company named X.

While manufacturing the device, it pre-installs some apps. Because it is necessary.

If it does not preinstalls some apps, then you will be in trouble.

Say, you purchased the mobile and there is no app pre-installed.

As required, you need to install WhatsApp. But, there is no app.

Even the play store was not there.

So, first installing any apps, you had to install the play store.

What can be funnier than this? You need to install an app and for that, you are installing the play store. LOL.

Ok. So, I hope you have understood what is the purpose of installing some apps beforehand.

Let’s move to the topic.

As you have a mobile, you will use a sim card on the device. Then, you will be able to use the internet.

Purposefully, some network service provider or simply the sim company contracts a deal with the smartphone company to install the Mobile Services Manager.

As Mobile Services Manager is installed, it will eat up your internet data.

So, you will be requiring more. Thus, you would recharge your phone. Right?

Now, think about who is getting the benefits?

Is it the mobile manufacturing company, the sim company, or you?

Obviously, not you but those other two.

I hope you have understood the connection completely. What’s next?

You can watch this video which completely explains mobile services manager.

Is Mobile Services Manager app harmful?

As I have already mentioned that, Mobile Services Manager installs both useful and non-useful apps.

But, why there is a fear among people that it is harmful?

Are there any reasons? Yes. There are some reasons.

Let’s discuss.

Risk of getting malware

Malware is bad software that can cause unauthorized access to your device and cause many problems.

If there is a Mobile Services Manager installed on your device, then it is a concern for you.

You don’t know what types of apps are getting installed on your device.

Simply a common man does not have that much idea until and unless he becomes unable to switch on his phone.

It is also known that many software developers pay a good amount to the service providers to install their apps on the customer’s device.

By doing so, those developers will get access to the customer’s phone and steal every piece of data.

When you install an app from the play store, you may have notices that the app asks you for certain permission.

And, when unknown apps are getting installed on the device, you don’t know what are the permissions that they have.

Once it got installed, it can steal your data starting from your images, videos, passwords, contacts, payments to many more.

It will eat up your mobile data

As said earlier the Mobile Services Manager functions in a way that, when it installs or updates any app, it goes unnoticed.

You simply can’t know this when it is happening.

By the process, you are losing your internet data, which could have been utilized in other things.

Furthermore, this is not possible to keep your internet off for many hours at a stretch as it required every now and then.

Sometimes, it installs apps having large file sizes. It costs more MB than usual.

The worst thing is that you will not get any idea both before and after installing an app.

Some big cellular companies deliberately pay a huge amount to the mobile manufacturing company to install Mobile Services Manager.

Later, some sponsored apps get installed on your phone and you would not get any idea.

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Eating device’s storage

When Mobile Services Manager installs any app, it will occupy some space.

The situation gets worsened when it installs multiple apps, which are totally useless and annoying and those apps take a quite big space.

In addition to that, when the Mobile Services Manager updates any existing apps, it also takes some more space.

Obviously, if the newer version of the updated app’s size is greater than the older version, then it will consume some more space.

Security threat

The biggest security threat is that your mobile device can be controlled by someone sitting miles away at another place.

Do you know that?

When they have access to your phone, they can do anything.

Do you expect them to ask you, like what should he do with your smartphone?

Unlike Apple devices, Android phones do not come with tight security. And, that is, no doubt, the reason why the iPhone is more successful than anyone.

Should I remove the Mobile Services Manager app?

If you are wondering whether you should remove the Mobile Services Manager app, then that’s up to you.

You can remove it or keep it.

But, the best choice is to remove it at any cost. The reasons are given below.

It automatically installs different apps and updates different apps. So, it takes a huge space for your storage.

Furthermore, your mobile will start hanging soon.

If you want to keep it because it automatically updates apps, then you can keep it.

But, uninstalling it or deactivating it should be given the 1st priority.

How can you disable the Mobile Services Manager?

Before telling you the procedure as to how to uninstall or disable Mobile Services Manager, let me first tell you something that you might not have any idea about before.

There are two types of apps.

  1. Bloatware Apps
  2. Installed Apps

Bloatware apps are those pre-installed apps on your device, which sometimes have no option, using a mobile application, to disable, deactivate, or uninstall it.

Simply by heading towards mobile application manager, you will find many apps, which you can uninstall. But, you will not get the Mobile Services Manager to uninstall.

Are there any ways to disable Mobile Services Manager forever?

The answer is Yes!

There are 2 methods to disable it. Let’s start.

The first method to disable Mobile Services Manager

Sometimes disabling or deleting the pre-installed apps, which are also called bloatware apps, is really difficult.

You don’t get any option directly. So, this method given below might help you.

Step-1: Go to your settings on your android smartphone.

Step-2: There, you will get an option named ‘Application Manager.’ Simply click on it.

Mobile Services Manager

Step-3: On the right side corner, you will get an option having 3 dots vertically. Click on it.

Step-4: There you will get a few more options. And, after that, you have to just click on the “Show Systems App.”

Step-5: Then see whether the DT Ignite option is there. Some mobile would have a mobile system manager. Then simply uninstall it by clicking on the uninstall button.

The second method to disable Mobile Services Manager

If the above method does work, then there is no need to follow this method.

In case, it does not work, if you have to follow another method, which is given below.

Step-1: Go to your settings on your smartphone.

Step-2: Based on your Android OS, there will be different options with different names. Just look for any option named “Application Manager” or “My Apps.”

Step-3: There you will now find an option mobile service manager or DT Ignite.

Step-4: You might have one option below these two options.

  1. Disable
  2. Uninstall

Step-5: Simply look for the option, and click on disable or uninstall as per the availability.

Bottom Line

Mobile Services Manager is a bloatware app which simply means it is a pre-installed app. One needs to know that, this app works without the person knowing it.

It installs, updates different apps automatically, which may be a concern.

A concern, because it poses certain risks.

The good thing is that you can uninstall or disable it easily by the methods given above.

If you have any doubts, you can ask.

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