Minecraft Circle Generator Tool & Guide To Make Perfect Pixel Circles 2022

Minecraft Circle Generator Tool

Circles in Minecraft

I am so sure that most of the people who are reading this have some good experience playing the Minecraft game.

The thrill, the experience that you will get by playing this game is unmatchable. You may play PUBG or Freefire, but everything will fade in front of this game.

Some people will argue that there are also many better games than Minecraft. I agree.

But, the fact is that you can build anything starting from a home to a city and everything here in the world. And, the very fact that you can’t build these things in other games differentiates it from the rest of those games.

You can give shape and life to your imagination here.

The world is consists of square blocks. As circles are supposed to be round in shapes, it is very difficult to make circles in Minecraft.

In fact, you can’t really make a perfect circle in the Minecraft game. We will discuss these things here.

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Can we really make a circle in Minecraft?

The straightforward answer is “NO!” As the world is consists of tiny square pixels, it is very difficult to make a circle, that too in Minecraft.

But, we can use the square blocks to make a circle in Minecraft. This is no rocket science as it requires no brainstorming.

To overcome the problem and to make a circle in Minecraft from tiny square block pixels, we created a circle generator, which is called Minecraft circle generator.

You can easily use this Minecraft circle generator tool to make a pixel circle in Minecraft with much ease.

In the later segment of this post, we are going to discuss all the features and how to use this tool guide.

For the time being, let’s understand why it is difficult to make a circle in Minecraft without this Minecraft circle generator tool.

Let’s dive in.

Squared Pixels or Circles: What is it in Minecraft?

The whole world is consists of squared pixels which are tiny in size. But, when they come together or join, you feel as if it is not a square. Your mind tricks you to believe it as a circle.

Similarly, while playing Minecraft, if you are believing that you are seeing a perfect circle on the computer screen in front of you, then you are deeply mistaken.

I will tell you the reasons, So, you don’t have to be worried about it.

If you are aware of the RGB combination which is nothing but Red, Green, Blue color, then you should know the fact that any device’s screen, be it laptop or computer, simply consists of squared pixel blocks.

These squared pixels can only make the RGB colors.

When the computer shows a different color, other than the Red, Blue, and Green colors, it is an illusion.

To put the fact simply, I can give you an example.

Suppose you are seeing a violet color on your screen. It is not actually the violet color. It is an illusion and your brain tricks you to believe that this is a violet color.

But, in reality, it is not.

You might ask, why so?

Because any combination of RBG can show you any color and your mind will believe that also.

But, how is it related to the Minecraft circle generator? It is related but in a different way.

So, while playing the game, you will falsely believe that the object that you are seeing is a perfect circle, though you know the fact that this is made up of tiny square pixels.

To get the fact verified, you can zoom your laptop screen or computer screen by some x% and you will see the tiny square pixels on the screen there.

If you observe closely, you will also come to witness the fact. But, maintaining some distance from your eye to the computer is much recommended. Getting too close to the computer screen can harm your eyesight in the long run.

A complete guide on how to use this Minecraft circle generator

This site provides you with an absolute free Minecraft circle generator, which you can use to make perfect circles. That will help you in building different kinds of things in Minecraft.

Here, in this segment, we will discuss how you can use our Minecraft circle generator tool to make some good-looking circles. This is free, easy, and requires no skills.

Before that, let’s get to know what are the features and characteristics that we will be getting here in this Minecraft circle generator tool.

1st feature: Without using a computer, a mobile, and a laptop, you can use the tool on smartphone devices and you can edit the circle to your need and at the end, you can download it for free.

2nd feature: You can design your Minecraft circle with a thin circumference and read within the circumference can be left blank.

3rd feature: You can edit this circle in such a way that you would obtain a thick boundary of it. Here, you can also make the inner area is filled with nothing and blank space would be there.

4th feature: Using height and width according to your own need, you can also generate your Minecraft circle using our Minecraft circle generator tool.

5th feature: Do you want to scale your image size into 3x, 10x, 50x? You are welcome. You will get an option there.

6th feature: Another option is there that if you want your inner part of your circle to be filled with tiny squared pixel, you can have it.

7th feature: If you want a perfect circle and somehow you are not satisfied with the circle that is generated, you can use the force circle option to make it a circle. This is very simple. You just have to click on tick on the force circle. That’s it.

8th feature: Downloading, after making a perfect circle, is quite easy here. You just have to make a click on the download button and it will automatically get downloaded in .png format, which is a few KBS in size.

We all knew the characteristics and features of the Minecraft circle generator. Let’s know how to actually use this tool to build circles and then use it in building different structures in an actual Minecraft game.

How to use the Minecraft circle generator tool? Step by step method and comprehensive guide

Now that you knew all the features, knowing how to actually create a pixel circle or Minecraft circle is really helpful.

For that, you need to make good use of this Minecraft circle generator tool. Minecraft circle guide is given below for your reference.

Step-1: First assign a height and width for the circle. You can refer to a circle chart before assigning a value here.

In simpler terms, if you put a value in height, then the width will automatically get fixed. So. you just need to enter one value and you are good to go.

For the illustration, refer to the picture given below.

minecraft cirlce generator

Step-2:   Choose the circle type that is suitable for your requirement in Minecraft. There will get 3 options. And, the options are given below.

  1. Thick
  2. Filled
  3. Thin

Choosing any of these options after assigning the height and width value. I am showing you proof as to how to do it.


minecraft circle generator

  1. If you will choose the thin option, the circumference or perimeter as you call it will remain thin. For reference check the 2nd last image from here.
  2. Wherein, if you go with the thick option, you will get an image in png format, which will have a thick-sized boundary.
  3. Also, using this Minecraft circle generator, you can get an image, where the inner part of the pixel circle would be filled with tiny pixels.

Step-3: Scaling your image as per your requirement can be easily done. The larger the Minecraft circle image, the easier will be it for you to make a circle.

Hence, it is advised to make big circles in Minecraft. Here is how you can scale your image.

minecraft circle generator

You can take the help of a sphere-shaped block to increase or decrease the image size. Just to let you know the fact that you can only make a Minecraft circle using this Minecraft circle maker till 2000 units.

Step-4: Now you must be wondering, how can you use the force circle option. Right?

This is very simple. Let’s understand it by an example and a case study.

Suppose, you assign the value of the width, let’s say, it is 8 units. Can you imagine what will be the circle size?

It will not look like a circle. In fact, fewer units of height and width of assigned value will result in a poor, not-s0-good, and unsatisfactory circle.

You will also come to realize the very fact that the side of the squares is clearly visible.

In case, if a person needs a circle with a lower height and width, then she needs to use the force circle option.

It will automatically make the squared thing into a circle.

Step-5: After doing all those things, if you are satisfied with the pixel circle that you have with you right now, you can go to the download option and download it to save it on your pc. For that, you just need to click on the DOWNLOAD button.

minecraft circle generator (1)


As now, you learned how to use this Minecraft circle generator tool, you must realize that everything is made up of tiny square pixels.

There are many Minecraft circle generator tools like Pixel Circle or Oval Generator for Minecraft by Donat Studios, Plotz Modeller For Minecraft sphere, and etc. But this Minecraft circle generator is best in the sense that you will get here the demos along with a practical guide as to how to make a Minecraft circle, which will be very beneficial for you.

I hope your question “How to create a perfect circle in Minecraft?” has been clarified.

In case, if you are interested to know how to make circles in Minecraft without using any tool, then refer to the subsequent blocks. We will tell you how you can also make the same pixel circle with much ease. Also you can download Minecraft PE v1.19.20.20 Mod here.

Make circles using command blocks in Minecraft

You must be asking yourself this question that how can I make circles in Minecraft by using command blocks? Is it that easy? Or, require some brain?

If you use this Minecraft circle generator tool with the command blocks, then you can take the circle building to a next level.

What is this command block?

It is simply the command that you will give to your computer to make certain blocks. I will also tell you how.

Let’s start this thing from the scratch.

Step-1: First of all, you have to give a command. Do it by typing the following command.

/give @s command_block

Then it’s your turn to place a block where you want to build a circle.

Step-2: Now, you have to place two command blocks facing the same direction.

Step-3: Then you need to tap on the back command block.

Step-4: Then the command block will be opened. There, you will get to see a space named command input. Type the following command therein.

/enchant @a unbreaking

Step-5: On the left side, you will see that there is a menu named block type is there.

The three-block types are given below.

  1. Impulse
  2. Chain
  3. Repeat

You just have to change the block type to repeat.

Step-6: As previously mentioned, there, on the left-hand side and below the ‘Block Type’, there lies an option called Redstone. When you will click Redstone, you will get two options, namely-

  1. Always Active
  2. Needs Redstone

You have to choose the option “Always Active” in order to make a circle on Minecraft without using this Minecraft circle generator.

Step-7: There is also another option that you will come across as Condition. You don’t need to make any changes there. Leave it as it is. It should be selected as “unconditional.”

Step-8: Now in the second command block, you have to use the following command.

/execute @a ~~~ setblock ^^^7 stone

Then, you have to keep the settings as below.

Block Type Chain
Condition Conditional
Redstone Always Active

Now, if you want to hold a sword, you can hold it. The sword should be preferably Netherite Sword.

Step-9: You will see that the chat gets spammed with texts. To remove the comments, use the following command in your Minecraft.

/gamerule commandblockoutput false

Now, you will see that the problem has been fixed.

Step-10: You can also change the radius and block by typing the following command.

/execute @a ~~~ setblock ^^^20 concrete 12

Minecraft Circle Guide: Minecraft Circle Templates

If you are someone who is interested in doing the circles in Minecraft by himself without using any Minecraft circle generator tool, then this is for you.

In this segment, I will give you some insights on how to make circles in Minecraft ranging from 2*2 to 18*18.

How to make a 2*2 circle in Minecraft?

To build a 2*2 circle in Minecraft, you just need one block. That’s it.

Only one square pixel block is a 2*2 circle in Minecraft.

How to make a 4*4 circle in Minecraft?

For this, you just need an accumulation of square blocks of 4*4.

Then make sure to remove the corners to obtain a 4*4 circle in Minecraft.

How to make a 6*6 circle in Minecraft?

To make a 6*6 circle in Minecraft, you need 6*6 squared pixel blocks.

Then you have to remove 3 squares from each of the four corners to obtain a 6*6 circle in Minecraft.

How to make other types of circles in Minecraft?

For the other types of circles in Minecraft, you have to follow the same pattern and the same blueprint.

  • How to make an 8*8 circle in Minecraft?
  • How to make a 10*10 circle in Minecraft?
  • How to make a 12*12 circle in Minecraft?
  • How to make a 14*14 circle in Minecraft?
  • How to make a 16*16 circle in Minecraft?

Following the above-mentioned path, you can build circles in Minecraft easily without using our Minecraft circle generator tool.

But, keep this thing in your mind that if you make circles this way, then the inner part would be filled with some square blocks.

In order to remove the inner part, you have to try some other command blocks, else you can try our Minecraft circle generator tool and guide.

How to build things in Minecraft?

Apart from building circles and spheres in Minecraft, there many things that one can build in Minecraft.

For making a circle in Minecraft, this Minecraft circle generator helped you. But, how can you create different things in Minecraft?

Soon, I will be creating a detailed guide and tutorial on the following things.

  1. How to build a large modern house in Minecraft?
  2. How to record a Minecraft timelapse?
  3. How to build a mansion in Minecraft?
  4. How to build a castle in Minecraft?
  5. How to build a secret base in Minecraft?
  6. How to build an elevator in Minecraft?
  7. How to build an iron farm in Minecraft?
  8. How to build a nether portal in Minecraft?

Conclusion: Minecraft Circle Generator

I hope you have liked this detailed guide on Minecraft circle and charts. Please leave a comment letting us know how much you loved our Minecraft circle generator tool.

You just have to use this Minecraft circle generator to the fullest in order to make some amazing and perfect circles in Minecraft.

We will be coming soon with a new guide where you will learn different things starting from Minecraft pixel art, Minecraft tower, Minecraft tools, Minecraft stairs, Minecraft commands to Minecraft bridge. Stay tuned.

Kindly rate our Minecraft circle generator tool.

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Thank you.

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  1. Minecraft, is in essence, the fulfillment of a dream for many. It’s like digital Lego in the fact that it has unlimited possibilities and combinations.

    It attracts people for different reasons. Sometimes failed architects turn to it for inspiration for an unfulfilled dream. People dream of amazing creations, but are unable to make them into reality for various reasons The possibility of undertaking a mighty project that would be unattainable in the real world entices many. The prospect of feeling a rush of adrenaline upon completion of their dream mansion, or entering battle on a PvP server attracts those who could possibly only do the same by being rich, joining the military or LARPing.

    Hours and hours pass in astonishment at the magnificent creations and various tasks you have accomplished. You feel like you have truly overcome the various barriers that obstructed you earlier but mean nothing to you now. I’ll now provide a more complete list here.

    PvP and multiplayer servers allow you to feel the heat of battle with no harm to yourself, which VR might help you experience the same better, but until the creation of a Minecraft compatible with VR, we’ll be waiting. You can also complete epic creations with your friends, or random strangers that you’ve met over the Internet. Exciting and original mini-games are everywhere
    Survival makes you really struggle, and once you’ve slain the Ender Dragon or Wither, or have really created something that is nigh impossible with limited resources, it’ll leave you on a high for days to come, you’ll show everyone and they’ll really marvel at what you’ve done.
    Creative is where things really get exciting. Time flies, and nothing is beyond your capabilities. The only limiters are your imagination and the time you have on your hands.
    Constantly evolving- Minecraft has thousands of mods, maps, texture packs, skins and command block creations added every month, so you have no shortage of options to choose from.
    Active communities- Minecraft entertains fans of all ages and genders. It’s unisex, but a female skin (Alex) was only added in recently. Hundreds of forums can be found that are dedicated to Minecraft, and YouTube promotes it indirectly through people like PopularMMOs.
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    Why Minecraft is gaining in popularity

    First thing’s first: Minecraft’s one of the best selling games of all time. It has had a loyal fanbase of people who constantly play the game, and it’s available on basically every console. It’s rather simple to get into, but it contains many elements that keep people playing for a long time.

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    The aesthetics of the game are important! The idea of voxels also known as Volumised pixels make minecraft such an easy game to run. Most of the cheapest computers of 2015 can run MC at 30+ frames per second. When’s the last time you heard a guy with a $250 PC say that H1Z1 plays well on his laptop? Never? Because it’s so hard to run a lot of indie games of the same sort of sandbox nature. Many of them require expensive hardware to run because of how unoptimised their game is.
    Minecraft’s simplicity allows it to be played among all PC’s, not just the custom made ones. This means it reaches a greater audience.

    Minecraft is also special when it comes to the type of game it counts as. It’s so easy to mod and create server plugins for that you can get a multitude of different games out of one $30 purchase. The base game itself is a survival sandbox or a creative sandbox. This is great as many players are into the whole open-world idea, except minecraft takes it to a whole new dimension (it already knocked itself out of the existing realm of PC sandbox games”. Some servers have a role-playing environment to drive the server; some have PvP aspects that suit the usual COD player (there actually is a cod server that features actual guns as the items); some servers have minigames much like a lot of cheap games you find on steam; and some even have adventure maps on them to keep the linear story line game junkies satisfied. The greatest thing is that all of these can be found easily without downloading a single thing. Accessibility is one of the most important things that makes anything successful, and minecraft is making it easier than any game to easily have new experiences.

    The mods are also great! Many older players find that minecraft could be spiced up with a little added flare that comes in the form of mods. Mods can easily change the entire experience of the game. I myself like to play the base game as I don’t like the gameplay with mods. This fits with the idea of accessibility because the game is fairly simple to mod.

    Minecraft has achieved many milestones and has even gained Microsoft’s attention. Many will say Minecraft is a stupid game because of graphics or what not, but I believe that the simplicity is what makes it powerful. The complex part of the game is how the user chooses to play it, and the simplicity allows for such diverse options.
    I remember the first time playing it and thinking “wow…I made this…this is mine”. The truth of the matter is that what I built was a stone cave with tacky paintings everywhere. But what minecraft gave me was a place where I could vent my frustrations into making something that was great…and the idea that it didn’t have to look amazing, it just had to be something that I made, something that I had thought up.

    It’s been a while since I first started and I’ve had a lot of experience with servers (opening a new one October) and it’s very interesting to see minecrafters feel the same awe in making a cruddy house on a mountain, just starting out in the world of minecraft. But hey, we all start someplace.

  5. You begin all alone on a deserted island. You explore. You collect wood and stone and sand. You make simple tools. You build yourself a shelter. Later, you hunt pigs and gather fruit for food. And fight off monsters in the dark. And it’s all made up of cubeshaped blocks. Yes, even the pigs. It’s really hard to describe Minecraft. Lego with monsters. Lego Robinsin Crusoe. Doom with blocks and without guns and with farming. See what I mean? Hard. But, impossibly, this indie game created by a single developer has been downloaded 14 million times, and has grossed over 30 million dollars within weeks of its release. That’s more than many AAA titles make over their lifetimes. It has made its creator Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch) very wealthy, and his studio Mojang one of gaming’s hottest properties.

    What makes Minecraft so special? While it may be hard to describe the , it is easier to describe the Minecraft experience. Which is where I’ll start. You begin all alone on a deserted island. The entire island is made out of cubes-mud, grass, stone, coal, sand, water, even the clouds and the sun are made out of Legolike cubes. It’s beautiful in a surreal sort of way. And here’s the thing-you can dig, chop and cut through the entire landscape, one cube at a time, and gather the resources it offers. Dig up a mud cube and you get some mud. Chop a tree and you get wood. Cut through stone with a pickaxe and you get some stone. You can then use these materials, block by block, to build stuff of your own. Homes, bridges, walls, towers, sheep cannons-almost anything you can imagine spring up as you painstakingly create a world around you to survive the elements. And the monsters that come out at night. Yes, I’m telling the truth you about the sheep cannons.

    It’s a magical experience as you reshape the world around you-carving out valleys, trenches and caverns, levelling mountains and raising platforms, building structures, walls, staircases and other things of beauty. It’s a fundamental human instinct to enjoy seeing order emerging from chaos – and Minecraft taps into this quite beautifully. When you finish putting the final touches on your first log cabin, beautifully lit with torches, decorated with a bed and bookcases and windows, and step back to take a look, it’s a feeling of pride and ownership that is rivalled by few games indeed.

    Now, it’s time to kill the monsters. Yep, Minecraft has all sorts of nasties that pop out at nights trying to kill you. But you’ll be ready for them. You can mine iron ore from the depths of dark caverns and forge them into powerful armour and swords. You can kill spiders, take their webs and use them as bowstrings in wooden bows. And you can kill them skeletons, zombies and creepers good.

    Minecraft is one of gaming’s greatest sandboxes. It’s an amazing and compelling experience just exploring, crafting and building things in this world. Players have taken it upon themselves to push the limits of the construction tools of Minecraft-people have build epic structures such as full-scale models of Hogwarts, The Reichstag and even the USS Enterprise. Players have created custom texture packs that make Minecraft look like Animal Crossing, Halo and Fallout. People are beginning to invent their own games using Minecraft’s physics engine. Yes, some of them involve sheep cannons that can launch our woolly friends towards the moon.

    Minecraft’s blocky, retro-Legochic (aided by some imaginative sound design) also adds immeasurably to the experience. Somehow, the relatively abstract aesthetic lets our imaginations take over and fill in the blanks-resulting in a world that’s as realistic, beautiful, idyllic, daunting or terrifying as we imagine it to be. Minecraft avoids the classic trap of falling into the uncanny valley by steering very wide of it. It’s a great immersion win.

    The success of Minecraft is being replicated by other games as well. Minecraft clones are spreading like wildfire, each one of them bringing something new to the core gameplay and enjoying great success. Terraria, a 2D interpretation of the Minecraft mechanics with some Castlevania-style platforming thrown in, was the top-selling game on steam during the week of its release, outselling titles like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2. Fortress-Craft, another Minecraft-alike on XBox Live Arcade, became the highest grossing Indie game of all time on Microsoft’s platform. The incredible success of the genre can perhaps be explained by the fact that people simply love putting things together and pulling them apart. That’s why kids love Lego-it lets us play with it any way we choose. Look, I made a gun! Hey! I made a monster! Woot, I made a castle! It is as realistic or as abstract as we’d like it to be. Minecraft is an important game- another in the list of illustrious games that are more about creation than destruction. It proves, yet again, that games that let people express themselves and exercise their imaginations work well and enjoy great success. It’s another milestone in gaming’s evolving history-creating a genre and entertaining millions of happy, happy players

  6. There are many fields to explore in Minecraft.

    Nobody knows everything about every field.

    Just learn them and try them. It’s always fun to do new things

    Below are some fields (jobs) in Minecraft,

    1.Mining= This is one of the most profitable jobs in the entire MC world you never know what you can get under the grass blocks.
    also, others may want to get Ores or Minerals from you which will make you richer only things you need is a sword a guard if you can and lots of pickaxes and food also magma.

    2. Monster hunting=This is if compared to all other occupations the least profitable and most dangerous not much ever really choose this unless they are skilled in PVP and have the necessary resources and equipment. This job in MC (In my opinion)
    is for servers with survival or Mob arena because in SinglePlayer all you will likely get is Rotten Flesh and Bones.

    3.Farming=A really a tranquill opportunity for those who want to watch things grow it is for people who are in the flat planes or villages and want free food when the going gets tough.

    4.Adventurer=A noble mix of occupations in Minecraft people who are daring and wish to discover the different wonders of the game this is mostly found done so by players on SinglePlayer.

    5.Enchanter=This is one occupation that will test your patience you are quite dependent on Miners and you often have to go earn exp for you to be able to enchant items for your customers this is more of a server type of job (actually it is).

    6.Trader=This is for players whom have settled in villages often hunting or mining to get an item that the NPC is willing to trade.

    7.Builder=One of the funnest job in the entire Minecraft legacy it is one of the most fascinating too although you will need a lot of experiecnce and practice to become a master in placing blocks into something even Notch will want to have (well we all started as noobs).

    8.Blacksmith=Not the villager type guys you will be continously be hassled with people to craft things for you because they dont know themselves like a Piston for example and best part its a win-win you craft ot for them you get paid 🙂

    9.Woodsmen=Lol you guessed it protecting and chopping down trees pretty easy job if it werent for the creepers.

    10.Donator=Servers guys these are the kind souls that give you stuff you need like food or armor and they team up with you to survive PVP.

    11.Baker=Pays the farmers to cook the bread or a cake and sell them to playersand farmer and baker shares the profit

    12Transporter=An open to LAN thing in my opinion like a rolller coaster or maybe a train way accross your world.

    13.Alchemist=Really cool job like potions splash potions for sale extremely profitable maybe someone will buy it and use it for their hunger games map

  7. Thanks for this Minecraft circle generator. I would like to appreciate the fact that you have vividly explained the Minecraft circle guide along with photos and videos. This is the go to place. Someone who is trying to make circle for Minecraft game, be it in PC or mobile, I would definitely recommend him to use this Minecraft Circle Generator tool. This Minecraft Circle Maker is a life saver.

  8. Hello guys, this is my second serious Minecraft survival map. I must tell that except for occasionally using mcpe_viz to look for resources and underground structures, I have avoided using cheats and Creative mode on this map. I often play it in Peaceful mode, however, when I get tired of fighting monsters. I have been working on Iko-Bahz for a few months. My primary goal has been to build a castle and adjoining village, with a population of inhabitants seeded from cured zombie villagers. What is Iko-Bahz, you may be asking? I got the name from the randomly generated folder name that contains the map files. I pronounce it “eek-oh bahz.” I play Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The images here were rendered using the Natural texture pack and the SEUS PE v10.1 beta 2 shader. The map seed value is 597469997. The world spawn point is located on a sort of peninsula between two lakes. A small structure I call the “Port of Entry” provides a safe entry point for visitors. I sometimes play Minecraft with my son. We have had some interesting adventures together! The Castle in minecraft, the castle towers are designed to mimic real defensive castle towers. They provide a wide view of the surroundings and feature trap doors that allow archers to shoot straight down at mobs at the base. I like to go up on these at night and snipe at the monsters. All entry points to the castle in minecraft (and the village behind it) are restricted so that the villagers cannot exit the compound. I do not want them wandering around the forest getting eaten by zombies. The front gate is operated by pistons, which are controlled by levers on the inside and outside that connect to a XOR (eXclusive OR) redstone circuit concealed underground. I use this same type of mechanism to control iron doors at the other entry points. The entrance to a hospital is concealed behind the trees to the left of the path. More on this later. Above is a view from the southeast tower. The small structure near the upper-left is the Port of Entry. A bridge and grass path leading to an unseen village are visible behind it in the distance. There is a boat dock in the small lake in the foreground. Minecraft Circle Generator, the castle courtyard is a busy place. It features a cow pen, horse stall, gardens, and a chicken coop. Iron golems and several dogs keep watch over the players and villagers. The Main House minecraft circle generator, this is my primary residence and workspace. It features a workshop, warehouse, enchantment room, map room, and bedroom, as well as a couple of rooms just for decoration. An indoor fishing pond and mine entrance is located within the house, too. The Village in minecraft, the village is located directly behind the castle’s main house and is accessible via a double door. Villagers move freely between it and the castle grounds. Minecraft Circle Generator. The village consists of a few multi-story houses, a workshop, meeting area, sheep pen, garden, and church. The church has bedrooms and a library in the basement, and access points to the backdoor XOR circuits. Minecraft Circle Generator. A Door Circuit, minecraft circle generator. Economy. Minecraft circle generator, one of the things I find interesting about Minecraft is its simple capitalistic trading system. Emeralds, being the basic currency, get traded between the players and the villagers to purchase manufactured goods and other items. Villagers with the most valuable and desirable items tend to acquire more emeralds over time, while others acquire more raw materials as they trade away their emeralds. This cartographer is the wealthiest villager in Iko-Bahz. Minecraft Circle Generator. But all is not well in Iko-Bahz, economically speaking. We have been experiencing something of a crisis brought on by poor planning among the farmers. It involves beet roots. Minecraft Circle Generators. For whatever reason, the villagers have decided that beets are the one and only crop that they will produce. When I started, I had only six or seven beet root plants. They were all located in the village garden. I expected the villagers to continue maintaining the existing crops of wheat, carrots, and beets; but before long they had pulled up all of the wheat and carrots and replaced them with beets. Minecraft circle generator. Now they only plant beets. I tried pulling up all of the beets and replacing them with wheat and carrots, but they replaced everything with beets again. Minecraft Circle generator. Villagers have a built-in mechanism where they will share their excess food items with other villagers. Farmers gather the beets, then pass them out to everyone else. Everyone eventually acquired more than enough beets, and now they seek to share them. I will often see a villager with excess beets walk up to another and throw down some beets. The recipient then throws them back because they already have too many. Sometimes others will join in, and before long five or six villagers will be standing in a circle throwing beets at one another. I call these events “beet downs. Minecraft circle generator. I have tried to gather the excess beets, but they keep planting and digging up more. Everyone has them. No one wants them. The problem has gotten out of hand. I fear we are entering a beet-induced economic recession. Minecraft Circle Generator. Castle Basement Minecraft circle generator. The castle basement is off limits to the villagers. Here, I keep a beet-free garden of wheat and carrots for feeding livestock and brewing potions. The room below is a concrete factory. Place a block of concrete powder down in front of the piston on the right, and the water will turn it into concrete. The block will complete a circuit with a redstone torch that activates a piston to push the block away. When the row of concrete blocks reaches the last piston way on the back left of the image, it completes another circuit that activates the row of pistons that pushes the row of concrete aside. When the room fills up, I break up the concrete blocks with my pickax. Saint Jeb’s Hospital for Zombie Villagers
    The basement also houses the hospital, which I used to start the initial population of villagers in Iko-Bahz. It works like this. I lure a zombie villager into the door at the far end of this hallway. The door opens to the outdoors, behind those trees I mentioned earlier. Once inside I run to the other end of the hallway and stand on the pressure plate that you can see in the foreground. This activates pistons that move the glowstone blocks aside. The zombie falls into a treatment cell underneath. The cells are blocked off by pistons. A pressure plate at the bottom of the cell prevents the glowstone block from being moved by the pressure plate upstairs. That way, I can treat multiple zombies simultaneously, each with its own private cell. Once the cure is complete, I close the piston and open a series of gates and doors to release the villager. That is the basic tour. There are a few other structures here-and-there. I have a small brick workshop over the entrance to an emerald mine, located far away. I recently activated an End Portal, too, but I am not yet prepared to fight the Ender Dragon. I plan on adding more space for crops in the near future (hopefully no more beets), and have considered extending the village as a series of platforms and treehouses in the forest.

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