Is dramacool safe? Is Dramacool illegal? The best Review of Dramacool 2022

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is the greatest Asian show site. A person can watch Asian Drama (Korean dramas popularly known as k dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwan dramas, Japanese dramas) with English caption or subtitle as we call it.

As of now, Dramacool was shut because of legitimate issues. There are bunches of Fake Dramacool website on the web. Those are not safe either and those are some clones of the original site.

Is dramacool safe Is Dramacool illegal Complete Review of Dramacool 2021

Is Dramacool Legal?

Just as on the site, you will actually want to watch other Asian shows and Asian motion pictures with English captions. It gives Korean shows, Chinese dramatizations, Japanese dramatizations, Hong Kong, and Taiwan dramatizations. As the site is offering you released content unlawfully. Henceforth, it is an unlawful site.

Let me assume that you don’t use this site. It will be better if you pay some fee and take a subscription from other sites to watch k-dramas.

Or, you have the choice to look for some dramacool alternatives which are totally legal, because it is an ILLEGAL site.

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What is the dramacool website for?

It is for Asian dramas, movies, and Korean show English sub in HD. The website is completely free for everybody. Each month innumerable users browse this website to observe movies and drama.

You’ll be able to watch all the newest updates on drama and Korean Show. The website additionally offers a section of coming movies. So, you’ll be able to use this section to understand all the coming movies.

If the website isn’t operating in your location then you should use a virtual private network to unblock the website. It is a smart website for looking for Asian drama shows and films.

The nice factor is you’ll watch in English subtitles, video quality is on top of average, and it’s liberal to use. It’s safe to look at dramas and films. However, I tend to forever advise to not disclose any personal data on the website.

Earlier peninsula dramas were watched in Korea solely. However, currently, the recognition has exponentially exaggerated over the amount of your time.

Besides Korean drama, numerous Korean movies are quite noted and folks would like to watch those on repeat notice if they notice with English subtitle.

Dramacool is reportable to possess a good quantity of Korean drama and flicks. The standard offered by Dramacool wouldn’t thwart you.

The sound quality of the drama and its subtitles are praise-worthy because it has been synched exceptionally well. It is one of the most effective and free sites to look at South Korean drama with English subtitles.

Once it involves a program, it’s quite straightforward and engaging. In addition, Dramacool may be a safe possibility as compared to many torrent sites out there. But, it is illegal.

Why is Dramacool not working? What happened to it?

Some reasons as to why the dramacool app is not working or for that matter, why the site is not working is given below.

  1. The server is down temporarily.
  2. Your ISP might have blocked the site.
  3. Maybe, it is not working in your country.
  4. A problem in your network.

Try to fix the problems to use it.

Is Dramacool Safe to utilize?

Dramacool is not safe to utilize. I am listing a few points. It is up to you to decide.

  1. If you check the WHOIS of the dramacool site, you will get to know that the owner has hidden his/her identity. If you have no evil intention, then why have you hidden from the world?
  2. The site has no backlinks from authorized/renowned sites.
  3. Sometimes, if you click on the ads showing on the site, you will be redirected to other adu*t sites.

So the actual site might be in fact safe, however, the advertisements and the substance connected to the site probably won’t be.

Does Dramacool have an app? Is there any dramacool app for android and iPhone?

Yes, there is a dramacool app for both Android and iOS.

Why shouldn’t you use the dramacool website?

Though the dramacool site provides a lot of k-dramas and other Asian dramas, there is a reason as to why you shouldn’t use it.

  1. This type of site is having hidden malware and viruses, which can make harm your computer.
  2. They can steal your data from your computer without you knowing it.
  3. Through cyber attacks, they can also steal your money, credit card details, and many other things.
  4. There are many ads and pop-ups on the site. If you click on it, even if that is by mistake, you will be redirected to some other sites.
  5. If you give your personal details there, you are in trouble.

Top 5 Legal alternatives of Dramacool

The best 5 legal alternatives of dramacool are listed below.


This site is easy to use and has a simple interface. You can search your required series there and watch them.

Rakuten Viki

This site is not only a great alternative, but it also offers a wide range of things on the site.

Starting from movies, TV shows to Korean series, you can find everything there.

NewAsian TV

There is no perfect alternative to this.

Here you also can have each of the items that you get on dramacool.

Staring from Korean series to Chinese series, everything can be found here easily.


This site also offers a lot of new and old Korean and Asian Drama series.

Unlike the dramacool for everyone site, it does not contain annoying ads.


Apart from Korean dramas, you will also get here Chinese dramas, Indian dramas, and other things.

Also, you will get many cartoons and anime shows there, which are totally free.

This site is the second most popular site.

Dramacool: Last words

Though the site is completely free, it poses some threats to your system.

Moreover, the ads on the sites and content on the site to which it is linked are not safe at all. It will redirect to some other harmful sites.

You should avoid it at any cost. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

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