Invalid Column Name SQL: Meaning and best solution 2021

Invalid Column Name SQL

If you have been using SQL for a good time, you must have come across this issue, which is an invalid column name SQL.

Those who are very much into coding and programming, know that this is not a big issue.

Such a minor issue can be solved by just re-looking the code in the column which you want to show in the table.

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough experience in this field, then in this post, I will discuss the below things to make your doubts clear.

  1. Meaning of Invalid Column Name SQL
  2. Invalid Column Name SQL: Reasons
  3. Why a column becomes invalid in SQL?
  4. Methods to overcome Invalid Column Name SQL error

Let’s discuss it one by one.

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What’s the meaning of Invalid Column Name SQL?

If you are a SQL user, you must have come across these terms.

  1. Table
  2. Column
  3. FROM Clause

This Invalid Column Name SQL error takes place when the column name that you have mentioned in the SQL does not match with the table which is mentioned after FROM Clause.

To show you, I would like to cite an example for better understanding.

Suppose there is a table.

The table name in SQL is student.

And, in the table, we have different column names such as name, mark, age, and address.

I write the below query as below.

select name,mark,aged,adress from student;

Have a look at the array and observe it closely.

If I run the above query, it will not result in anything but an error.

You might ask me why.

I want to again observe carefully the code.

It is written here that-

select name,mark,aged,adress from student;

Mark the word aged.

This exact word was not in our column.

As we mistyped the column name while running the code in SQL, we got an error.

We call it an Invalid Column Name SQL error.

Instead of that code, the correct code would be-

select name,mark,age,adress from student;

Here the word is age and we typed it correctly. There is also no syntax error.

So, what is the meaning of Invalid Column Name SQL?

It simply means that the column that you are referring to in your SQL does not exist.

  • It indicates that you might have misspelled a column.
  • It is also similar to the invalid variable name in different programming languages.

Invalid Column Name SQL: Reasons

Different people face this problem in different contexts.

The come reasons which might have led to Invalid Column Name SQL are given below-

  1. Your column may not exist.
  2. You have deleted your column.
  3. You have misspelled the column name.
  4.  The heading that you have put in the column is not in the required format for SQL.
  5. The column name which you have chosen in your query has changed.

These are the common reasons as to why you get an invalid column name error in SQL(Structured Query Language).

If you think that, you have a different reason other than those reasons which are mentioned above, let us know.

We will try to provide a solution.

Invalid Column Name SQL

Solutions to Invalid Column Name SQL

As I have mentioned earlier that this is not a big issue. So, the solution is simple.

Solution-1: Correct the Column name

In 90% of cases, this works as the best solution.

You just have to look again at your column name and correct it.

In the above-given example, I tried to make you understand with the column name error.

In our case, I types aged instead of age.

So, the result was an error in SQL.

We often call it with the following names.

  1. T SQL Invalid Column Name
  2. TSQL Add column
  3. Invalid Object Name in SQL
  4. SQL invalid column name

If you are someone who is wondering what is invalid object name is SQL, I hope the above example would have answered your question.

Solution-2: Correctly tag the table alias with the column

The SQL error occurs when you wrongly tag the table alias with the column.

So, what you need to do is to make it correct.

You just have to check whether you have correctly tagged the table alias with the column.

If not, do it to get rid of the Invalid Column Name SQL error.

Here is a video for your reference.

Solution-3: Check the Case of the column name

If you are someone who has experience in this field, you know that SQL is case sensitive.

So, you have to take care of these 2 things.

  1. Upper Case letter
  2. Lower Case letter

If your column name is of lower case and your query is in upper case, then that will result in an error and vice-versa also holds true.

So, the only thing that you need to do is to take care of the upper case and lower case letters in SQL to avoid such problems in SQL invalid column name.

Solution-4: Check if you are querying the right table

This is one of those common mistakes that most beginners commit.

Calling a wrong table will obviously result in an SQL server invalid column name error.

So, be sure that you are querying to the right table.

It may happen by mistake but you need to take care of this thing.

Solution-4: Check faulty spellings

This is the last method.

You just have to look once at your column, table, and query.

Check if you have typed anything wrong, which might have included numerical.

If you have typed something wrong, make a correction.

You are good to go.

Invalid Column Name SQL

Conclusion: Invalid Column Name SQL

This is a common error that many newbies face. Even some experienced people face it.

But by looking at the column table, this can be solved in a few seconds.

The solution is very much simple as we knew.

You just have to take care of a few things like spelling, upper case letter, lower case letter, numerics and etc to get rid of this error.

In a nutshell, you just have to follow the above methods if you are facing the Invalid column Name SQL error and get your problem solved. If you are a blogger and interested in knowing how to segregate a post into different pages, you can know here.

I hope this post would have helped you to some extent in solving your problem.

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