What To Do If Your Family Member Is Injured In a Serious Car Accident? 4 Useful Tips

What To Do If Your Family Member Is Injured In a Serious Car Accident? 

Traffic accidents happen all the time, whether we are to blame or someone else is the perpetrator, and in this case, we are the victims. So, if you, or a family member, have had the misfortune of being hurt due to someone else’s negligence, there are a few things to keep in mind as it relates specifically to defending your rights. 

Pursuing legal action is sometimes the only way to receive compensation if the accident has caused physical harm that resulted in huge medical bills, income loss because of absence from work, or even a physical disability. Here are some of the things you should do to take care of a matter like this.

What To Do If Your Family Member Is Injured In a Serious Car Accident?

Call the Authorities

The first thing you should do right after the accident is to check out if anyone has been seriously injured. If that’s the case, then you must call for an ambulance immediately, as the injuries may be serious, and your family member’s life might be in jeopardy1. After this is taken care of, you should call the Traffic Police to report the incident.

This is very important because there is a possibility that the person at fault may not admit it later in court. If they concede fault and cooperate, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the driver’s license and insurance details. Lastly, on the off chance that the driver of the other vehicle flees the scene, try at least to memorize their license plates.  

Seek Legal Advice

In most cases, your insurance company will also include legal counseling in your policy. However, if a member of your family has been badly harmed, seek legal advice from an experienced attorney at your earliest convenience. A skilled lawyer can assess your situation, explain the law in simplified terms, and offer guidance so that you may make informed judgments about your next steps.

In the unfortunate case of a teen driver injured in an accident, you should speak with someone who is knowledgeable about the type of issue they’re dealing with and who has won similar cases in court before. If a lawsuit turns out to be the only course of action, your attorney should also have the proper connections with experts who will collect all the important information regarding the accident and deal with the relevant authorities and medical facilities. 

Contact the Insurance Company

The next logical step should be to contact your car insurance company and inform them of the accident. They will certainly guide you regarding your next steps and liaison with you and the other driver’s insurance firm. The most prominent of these companies most often guide you on how to handle these matters and what information to receive from the other driver. There is also the possibility that, depending on your contract, of course, you are entitled to certain benefits from your own insurance firm if the accident was not your fault, as there are coverages for accidents caused by uninsured drivers, etc.

Be Wise and Cautious

There are several things that you could do to strengthen your case in court, even just after the accident. One of those is to take pictures of the damaged vehicles, the surrounding area, and even the injuries that your family member has suffered. If you can’t take pictures of the injuries at the time, as you might be in shock, it’s wise to do so later on at the hospital, so you have evidence to present in court to prove the severity of the injuries sustained.

Moreover, if there were witnesses at the scene, try to get their contact information, as they will prove valuable for your legal case. Other useful tips are to keep detailed records of the incident, the names of everyone involved, including the details of the police officer to whom the accident is reported, and, most importantly, the hospital bills and medical reports. 

What To Do If Your Family Member Is Injured In a Serious Car Accident?

Remember to exercise caution throughout the process, especially regarding your attitude towards the other driver as well as the authorities. You should be careful not to accidentally admit that the accident may have been your fault and avoid speaking with the defendant before the trial unless so advised by your lawyer. Finally, you should refrain from posting anything regarding the case on social media, as it might work against your favor in court. 

Navigating the legal proceedings that ensue after an accident is never easy but it’s often the only course of action if an accident has been costly and/or led to serious physical injury or medical complications. In that case, the tips mentioned above will prove to be very helpful in your fight for your rights or that of your family members.

It’s only fair to be compensated for any expenses incurred as a result of another person’s negligence, and this is the reason courts of law exist in the first place. Remember that a professional lawyer will provide the best guidance in this endeavor, so enlist their help as soon as possible. 

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