How to Start a Student Blog and Get a Lot of Subscribers at Once

How to Start a Student Blog and Get a Lot of Subscribers at Once

People are still thinking about starting blogs in 2021. It shows that some experts’ predictions were true: blogging will continue to prosper for many years. The reason to start a blog can be any, but since you’re a student, you probably want to earn money. So you can find any reason to do it and not feel guilty if it’s too self-serving or selfish. The whole industry of blogging is built on two pillars. One consists of people who start blogging to share useful information, and others just want to earn money. It turns out that both categories of bloggers find their fans and become successful influencers.

Starting a student blog is a good idea since many people are interested in student life. You’ll do good for many international students who consider studying in your country or even in your college. Experienced bloggers and marketers state that investments are inevitable for those who want to start a blog, and they’re partly right. But if you’re a student who plans to grow the subscriber base and make a few extra dollars with its help, you may not need to invest at all. Trial and error isn’t the necessary approach for us, so check our guide to enter the blogging world in 2021 successfully.

Create a blog name

Those who have a vivid imagination won’t have any difficulties with choosing or creating the nickname. However, if you don’t belong to these lucky people, you’ll have to sweat and toil. We don’t advise you to neglect this step because a blog name is like the house footing that ensures its stability and longevity. People will use your nickname to find your blog on the Internet; that’s why the blog name should be short, catchy, and easy to remember.

Choose the platform

This choice may seem obvious for some people since most bloggers now use Instagram for their work. Having a blog on some social media increases your chances of growing subscribers faster and becoming more famous. If you don’t like social media for some reason, consider developing a separate website using website builders or hiring the developers. We are sure that you’ll manage this task alone — the abundance of free software lets any newbie create a website they need.

What about the topic?

You plan to start a student blog, but it’s not the topic. A student blog can tell people different things and focus either on the life of a person who juggles studying with work or on the student who devotes all time to studying. You may tell me about the benefits and drawbacks of studying or anything else you want. Sticking to one topic is key to success because you focus on a certain target audience category. This approach ensures the people that subscribed to your blog won’t leave you.

Define your TA

Being aware of the people who already follow you or will follow you is important. This information lets you define the style of the blog and the tone of writing. You can’t create content if you don’t know your TA. Moreover, these people greatly assist in maintaining a blog and improving its quality.

Master writing blog posts

Any blogging platform presupposes that you need to write. TikTok and YouTube don’t count. You plan to have a student blog and are supposed to know everything about writing. We know that the statistic is relentless and shows that fewer and fewer students write texts alone. Of course, it’s easier to order paper online and not to spend sleepless nights writing the papers and formatting them according to the strict requirements. You can use the same approach to create your blog posts, but you can also devote some time to improving your writing skills.

Take care about the image

No matter what platform you’ve chosen: WordPress or social media, your blog should look stunning and make visitors subscribe to it. You may oppose and say that high-quality content makes people interested, but do you read content immediately after you visit any page? Of course, all people pay attention to the overall image first. If you use Instagram, publish high-quality photos in the same style, make cool covers for eternal stories and write a creative profile header. Those who’ve developed their website have more freedom since website builders allow applying themes, changing colors, and doing other transformations.

Spend time on promotion

Growing the subscribers fast is possible only when you allocate huge sums of money on promotions? No, it’s not always true. We are planning to start a student blog, so spending money on it is out of the question. There are a lot of ways to promote the blog. If you maintain the blog on the website, you may post the links to it on your social media. Use email subscriptions, guest posts, SEO, forums, and all other effective promotion tools you know, and it’ll bring the profit.

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