Complete Guide: How to increase YouTube Subscribers fast in 2021?

Complete Guide: How to increase YouTube Subscribers?

If you are here, let me assume that you have done with creating your Youtube channel.

But, the problem that you face now is “No Subscribers” or “Fewer Subscribers.” Right?

You have also tried sharing the video’s link in different Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups.

But, all is in vain. Why?

I’ll tell you later along with the secret that how I was able to gain 4763 subscribers within 1 month.

I also know that you have watched several videos on youtube regarding how to gain youtube subscribers easily and how to increase watch hours. Right?

See, I know no magic. But, I know facts as I have gone through the same way.

Getting 1000 subscribers initially is not really a difficult task.

It is easier than you think.

People always message me on Instagram and tell me how to get those first 1000 subscribers.

But, I always reply to them saying one thing. Well, I will also discuss it.

I am assuring you with a 100% guarantee that after reading this article, you will come to know some new things, which is not available in any videos or websites.

Using those tricks, you will be able to increase your subscribers as well as watch hours.

Sound interesting?

Well, I have tried this. Many people also have tried this and it has worked all the time.

Lest it would be misunderstood, I should clarify that I have failed several times to gain subscribers on youtube.

With each failure, I learned some new things.

I implemented them on the next try.

As a result, I was not only able to increase my youtube subscribers but also became sure that this trick would work effectively.

So, in this article, I will discuss several things ranging from basic youtube subscriber gaining tactics to advanced tricks.

By the end of this article, you will learn these things.

  1. The Fundamental secrets of Youtube Subscribers
  2. Different ways to gain subscribers
  3. What not to do to increase subscribers?
  4. Miscellaneous

Here is the complete guide on how to increase youtube subscribers easily with some mind-blowing tricks.

So, let’s start with the basics.

Facts: How to increase youtube subscribers?

As I have mentioned earlier that many people do ask me on Instagram about some tricks to increase subscribers.

Often I ask them a few questions and at last, give the answer to their question.

Let me ask you a question.

As you know to monetize a youtube channel and earning from it through Adsense requires two things.

  1. 1000 Subscribers within 1 year
  2. 4000 valid public watch hours

Question 1: What is the meaning of 1000 subscribers within 1 year?

Suppose you created a youtube channel on the 25th of December of this year.

From today to next year’s same day, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers.

But, you all know this. Right?

So, why am I emphasizing it? Let me answer.

When I created the channel, I had no idea as to how to get those 1000 subscribers initially as there was no way.

So, what I did was, created several emails and told my friends to create the same amount of emails within 10 days.

We did it.

Then, my friends and I, subscribed to the channel. We made 1000 subscribers within 10 days.

Later, we did use the same emails to subscribe to another channel, and we got 1000 subscribers in one day.

But, all effort was in vain.

The channel was not monetized as it was against the Youtube policy.

So, you need organic subscribers not paid subscribers.

I will come back to this in later segments.

Question-2: What do you mean by 4000 valid public watch hours?

Suppose you created the channel and you watched those videos.

Here, the watch hours will be counted.

But, those are void, not valid.

In addition to that, if you closely observe there is a word “public” in the phrase.

Public means people. Though you are one among the people, the watch hour will not be valid as it is your channel and simultaneously, it is your views.

So, what do you need?

You need people to watch your videos from start to end.

If your videos are not good, people will leave in the midway.

It will impact your youtube channel in the long run as a result you will not able to monetize your channel.

Gaining 4000 watch hours is not rocket science but it needs a strategy.

I will delve deeper later.

Subscribers or Watch hours: What is more important?

In one sentence, both are equally important initially.

People get tensed when they hear that they have to gather 4000 watch hours within one year, which is very big.

They think that getting 1000 subscribers is really easy for them.

But, let me break down the mathematics behind it.

You need 4000 watch hours within a year.

That means 4000 hours within 365 days. No?

As we upload short videos, let me convert them to minutes.

2,40,000 minutes in 365 days.

Is it that tough?

You just need to make 100 videos, each 10 minutes long and that should be fully watched by 240 people.

Very easy!

Consider this.

You need 50 videos with, 5 minutes long, would be watched by 960 people.

This is perfect.

4 videos each month for a year, which converts to 1 video each week.

It is really possible within 1 year. In fact, I am sure, it will not take more than 4-9 months.

You can just increase your video length if you want to make a few videos.

The only thing that you need now is SUBSCRIBERS.

How to increase youtube subscribers?

Or, if you don’t have youtube subscribers, how to gain subscribers?

Let’s understand the fundamental things.

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Fundamentals of getting subscribers on youtube

Just think about the last time when you subscribed to a youtube channel.

Why did you subscribe to that channel?

People have different answers.

Generally, people subscribe to a channel for the following reasons.

  1. The theme of the channel is good. It may be informative, funny, or of any genre.
  2. A video, which someone comes across is exceptional. That compelled him to subscribe to the channel.
  3. The editing of the video is top-notch.
  4. The channel has a good profile pic and a cover photo as well as it has a habit of making attractive thumbnails of high pixels.
  5. People find what they are looking for in a video.

These reasons are enough. If you any other reason, you can comment and let us know.

Now, you have to just focus on those basic things first, then we will move to the advanced strategy.

Are you ready? Keep reading.

Basics and easy tricks to gain Youtube subscribers fast

I believe in this particular quote, “The first impression lasts long.”

It is indeed very much true.

The same things go with youtube videos too.

When someone watched your videos for the first time and turns out, the videos are very good and providing some value, then definitely the person will check out your other videos and will explore your channel.

So, the first impression should be eye-catching.

By saying this, what I mean is- you have to focus on general things first.

Let’s discuss all these things one by one separately, which will be easier for you to understand.

Create a professional Channel

No one likes a channel, which does not look professional.

Even if you get a few subscribers, you will not be able to earn a good amount of money out of your channel.

The reason is people are not interested n watching your videos, which will result in less or no increase in your subscriber base.

So, you need to PLAN it beforehand.

Make a channel. Create official pages on different social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora, etc.

If possible, make an official website for your youtube channel.

Visit Canva and make an awesome profile picture and channel art for your channel.

It is absolutely free!

Add your email in the about section of your channel.

By doing this, your channel will look very much authentic.

What more do you need?

Have a proper theme on your YouTube Channel

Theme generally refers to a particular niche.

Even Youtube says that while reviewing a channel for monetization, the channel’s theme will be checked.

Having mixed content on your channel will not help you monetize it.

What do you need to do? How do you have a proper theme?

Write down different ideas that you have for a YT channel.

Analyze and find out which topic you are good at.

Go for that. Simple.

No persons like a channel that has mixed content.

Mixed content on a youtube channel means videos of different categories and niches.

For example, if I make videos on cooking, financial help, fitness, bitcoin, mesothelioma, cryptocurrency, games, and other related topics in a single channel, it will be said that the channel has mixed content.

The channel has no proper theme.

Rule number 1 would be to make a channel with a proper theme.

It will help you to gain subscribers on youtube very fast!

Make awesome thumbnails for your videos

Thumbnails play an important role in getting subscribers.

A study has shown that videos having attractive thumbnails plays important role in boosting your CTR.

CTR means Click Through Rate, which tells how many persons click your video to watch.

High CTR means high views, which results in an increase in subscribers.

If you are struggling with making good thumbnails, then Canva is there for your rescue.

Simply, visit the website. Create a thumbnail for your video.

You are good to go!

Make videos of longer duration

The SEO god, Brian Dean tells that a video with a longer duration gets more views.

So, if you are someone who is making videos of shorter duration should consider making videos a little longer.

Youtube automatically promotes those videos which are more than 10 minutes.

Put facts, arguments, and different study results in your video so that people will not consider searching for a second video.

By doing this, you will make the viewer engage in the video.

It will help in increasing your average audience retention.

If your average audience retention is higher, the video will be automatically promoted.

It will happen so because the Youtube algorithm works like that.

Use Youtube’s own tool to promote your videos for free

Do you know that youtube can automatically promote your own video and that too, for free?

You might ask me, how?

This is not for those channels which were created recently and not getting any views.

This will work for the channel, which is getting some views every day.

So, what do you need to do?

You can add two elements at the end of your video, which will help people to find your new videos.

These 2 elements are-

  1. End Screens
  2. Cards

End Screens

End screens can be used to promote your other video.

This option comes up when your video processing gets finished.

You can manually choose which videos you want to show on the end screen.

You can show one, two, three, or four videos on the end screen.

And, it is also advisable to keep 4 videos at the end screen as the viewer would have a diverse choice and she would easily pick any video according to her choice.

Youtube Cards

Have you ever come across some pop-ups or slides at the top when watching a video on youtube?

Those are called Cards.

By using cards, you can show any videos, links, or texts to viewers at any time during the playing of your video to the viewers.

Some people ignore it. But some people click on it.

If you put your video there, people will click on that link and watch the video.

Those people who have not subscribed to your channel may subscribe to your channel.

By using this trick, you can increase your subscribers.

Watermark and Branding

If you visit your Youtube studio, you will find that there is an option of the watermark(branding) in your settings.

Here you can upload a photo that will work as your watermark.

While watching your video, if someone hovers the arrow around this watermark, there will be an option in front of him to subscribe to the channel.

Give this formula a shot and see what the result you get.

Make videos regularly

In order to get subscribers fast, you need to make videos on regular basis.

You might ask me, how does it work?

It works in a simple way than you think.

Suppose you published a video today and after 7 days, a person comes across the video.

He watched it completely.

If you would have uploaded new videos within this 7 day period, then the new videos will be recommended to him.

And, not to mention, if your videos are good, then he will definitely subscribe.

Imagine that there is not one person but a group of people. The same thing also applies in that case.

You can get many subscribers within a few days.

You already knew that high retention means more views.

So, be consistent while making videos.

Plan videos in terms of PLAYLIST

A youtube playlist is a collection of some videos having some relevance with each other and are arranged in proper order.

A youtube playlist engages the viewer with your channel.

He will not move to any other channel to find some missing content.

I will give an example.

Suppose I created a new youtube channel on Digital Marketing or health.

Let’s discuss the Digital Marketing channel.

I made several random views on creating a youtube channel.

Let’s say, these below topics are covered and 3 videos were made.

  1. How to make a youtube channel from start to end completely step by step?
  2. How to increase your Adsense earnings on youtube?
  3. How to get 1 million subscribers?

If you look closely there is something missing and we call it “a content gap.”

By making these 3 videos, I can’t make a viewer engaged with my channel for a long time.

As a result, he might see all my videos, but there is a low chance that he would subscribe to my channel.

He will find those gaps in different channels and will subscribe to that particular channel, where his queries get answered.

So, I need to make those content gaps filled by making some new videos.

My new playlist will include the below videos, which look complete and promising.

  1. How to start a youtube channel for beginners? (With Step by step)
  2. Complete guide on Youtube Channel Settings
  3. Youtube advanced settings channel keywords
  4. How to make a profile picture for youtube? (Channel icon)
  5. How do I make YouTube channel art for free?
  6. How to do keyword research for youtube?
  7. Where should I share my youtube videos?
  8. How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube initially?
  9. How to increase youtube subscribers free?
  10. How to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours?
  11. The list goes on…

I can go on. You can make your viewer engaged by making an engaging playlist.

He should find what he wants in your videos.

I can discuss the health category. But, it is unnecessary.

I hope you have understood the point.

Interact with your viewers

Interacting with your viewers can fetch you more subscribers.

Ask them how the video was.

Ask them about what is the topic that you should make a video next time.

Reply to every comment.

Like it. Heart it. Pin it.

Some people become happy when they get a heart from the channel.

There are also some scenarios where if you pin one comment, then from the next time onwards, the comments will be increased.

People want attention.

So, give them by pinning their comment.

Ask them how they are and other things.

There is no hard and fast rule that you should ask them about your video.

You can ask anything. Be a gentleman!

Here is an example from Ahrefs.

How to increase YouTube Subscribers fast in 2021

Make evergreen videos

An evergreen video is a type of content that never loses its charm and demands ever. People search for it even more than ever.

It is exactly the opposite of the trending videos.

Suppose, I visited the trending section and found that “Boycott Sth.” is in the news.

So, I made a video on that.

By doing this, no doubt, I will get some view but that will last for a day or two.

As the day passes, the demand for the video will be passed to zero.

At the same time, if I make a video on the keto diet, the demand for this will eventually increase, but it will not decreases unless human civilization gets extinct from the earth.

By saying this, what I am trying to convey is the following thing.

Evergreen videos get views every day. Every week. Every month. And, every year!

You just have to make your content wisely.

Make collaborations with YouTubers

Find people to collaborate with them.

There are millions of creators on youtube.

You can get a creator in your niche easily. But, people often tell that it is difficult.

But, why?

Suppose I have a YT channel with 698 subscribers and I want to collab with a youtube channel having 27 million subscribers. Is this even possible?

No way, unless he is not your relative.

We, people, often make high expectations and get a very bad result.

To get a successful collaboration, you need to keep in mind these below things.

  1. Your niche and the person you want to collab with- you both are of the same niche.
  2. You have some good quality videos.
  3. His subscriber base is not high. (If you can collab with a big youtube, then that’s awesome. But, generally, big YouTubers do not agree.)

How to do a collaboration on youtube?

The most difficult part is finding a collab partner on youtube.

Don’t think of the YouTubers out of your league.

To make collab, you can try the following things.

  1. Email the YouTuber using the email, which is given in the About section of the channel.
  2. Comment below on several videos.
  3. Contact him on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Some YouTubers will agree. But, some will not.

In fact, you will not get replies from several YouTubers.

That’s perfectly fine. You need to find other YouTubers from your category.

If you can do around 4-5 collab initially, then it will be easier for you to get a good amount of subscribers.

Embed your video on your website

If you have a website, then you should embed your youtube video’s link there.

It will help you to get more subscribers, even more subscribers.

In case, if you have no websites, you can simply create a new website.

Suppose in a scenario, you can’t afford domain and hosting, you can create free websites on Blogspot.

By the way, there are many cheap web hosting available on the internet.

If you are new, let me tell you that do not go for free web hosting as it will cost you much in different terms in the long run.

Google is offering free Blogspot. Use it.

Make that blog for your youtube channel.

Drive some traffics to your blog them derive them to your channel.

It will not take many days if you are working on fewer competition keywords.

Simply after setting up your blog, you can change the Blogspot template and can use a professional blogger template which is available for free here.

In this way, you can increase your subscribers on youtube.

Comment on other’s videos

Subscribe to a few channels which fall in your niche.

Suppose, you have a youtube channel on tech, you should subscribe to some channels having a tech niche.

Comment on some good things about the video. Be genuine and it should not look like that you are praising just for the sake of praising.

The Youtuber might pin your comment, which many people will come across.

Some people, out of curiosity, may check out your channel.

This, in turn, will help in increasing your subscribers on youtube.

Reply to other people’s comments.

And, one thing that you should remember is this-

You should not ask for sub2sub.

Youtube will catch you and your channel will not be monetized.

Keep a giveaway

There are many tech channels from the USA that keep regular giveaways and tell people to do these things.

  1. Like the video
  2. Share the video
  3. Subscribe to the channel
  4. Comment
  5. And, follow on social sites

Many people do this and some people, who are lucky, win the giveaways.

If you don’t know, let me tell you that there is a youtube channel in the tech niche in India named Technical Guruji, which runs several giveaways.

By keeping regular giveaways, he was able to gain millions of subscribers.

So, what you need to do is to keep around 2-3 giveaways every month initially.

Tell people to like and share your video and subscribe to your channel.

This method works the best. Give it a try.

Share your videos on social sites

We often overlook this.

Sharing your videos on social sites can give a boost to your channel.

You can share your videos on Facebook.

Suppose your niche is tech.

You can find several groups with tech categories on Facebook and join them.

After your request gets approved, share your videos there.

If possible, reply to those posts which were existing in that group before.

Drop your link there and tell them to watch the videos to resolve their issue.

If you have a famous page, then you can also share the video’s link there.

It will reach many people, which will help you in getting a good amount of subscribers.

Ask viewers directly to subscribe

This is no shame at all. Why would it be?

You can ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel.

There are some big YouTubers who also do the same.

Initially, you need to do it because people will understand that the channel has fewer subscribers. So, it needs more.

Youtubers having more than 1 million subscribers say to subscribe to their channel at the starting and end of their video.

You must have noticed it. Right?

If a big Youtuber can ask, then why can’t you?

Make a habit of doing it but do not overdo it as it may backfire.

Advanced ideas to get Youtube subscribers

In the previous segments, I discussed some basic ideas on how to increase youtube subscribers.

Some of the ideas might be new to you if you are a neophyte on youtube as a creator.

There is a higher possibility that you would have read or watched those things in different blogs, websites, or youtube videos.


Let’s move to the advanced tricks to get youtube subscribers.

Do some keyword research

When I was new to youtube, I was making videos on random topics and expecting that the video will get more views.

If you are someone who is like me, you need to have your keyword strategy.

You tell, how can a random video with a random title get views?

Will it? No, definitely not.

If you are new and struggling to get more views, you need to know this.

See, more views mean more subscribers.

Some might disagree, but, a fact is, always, a fact.

How to do keyword research for Youtube?

There are 2 ways, to be specific.

  1. Paid
  2. Free

Free keyword research for youtube:

I know most people can’t afford an amount initially, so they need a free plan.

The keyword research with a free plan is equally effective.

For that, you need to use Google Adwords keyword planner.

Just put your keyword that you want to make a video on.

You will get different other ideas with search volume and competition.

Select around 10-20 keywords and according to search volume and competition, go for the less competitive keyword.

Make a video on that.

If the competition is lesser, then the video will be ranked within a few days.

You will get more views, which means more subscribers.

Paid keyword research for youtube:

Paid keyword research tools are more effective because they show you the exact volume, competition, etc of a keyword.

You can use AhrefsShemrush keyword tool to find less competitive keywords for your youtube videos.

Ahrefs is really effective.

There are also other tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ exclusively for youtube.

You can use them to get less competition, high search volume, and high CPC keywords easily.

Using these keyword tools will help you in getting more views and subscribers.

Write a perfect description

Writing a perfect description is a different ball game.

Someone who has not any idea about Youtube SEO, can’t write it perfectly.

So, you need to have some knowledge about youtube SEO.

For that, I’ll highly recommend you to read these Youtube SEO tactics on the Ahrefs website.

What should be written in the youtube video description?

In the first 2-3 lines, try to incorporate your keyword there saying what the youtube video is all about.

It should look genuine.

After that write around 300 words about your video.

If possible, give timestamps.

Below that, give the playlist link and other related videos’ link.

In the end, mention your social handle’s links.

Now you are good to go.

But, do you know what do most people do?

They overdo keyword usage.

They search for the keyword and its related keywords.

And, in the description they put all those keywords giving separate commas or writing below one by one.

Some people use the keyword multiple times.

It is called Keyword Stuffing on youtube. You should not do this.

Though this sometimes helps, it is not recommended.

This also comes under spam.

You will get more views if you put many keywords in the description, but when youtube will catch you, your channel will stop growing.

So, be careful.

Add relevant tags

Adding relevant tags to your videos will result in an increase in the channel’s views.

As a result, you will see an increase in the subscriber base.

How to increase YouTube Subscribers fast in 2021

Which tags should you use to get more views?

The tags that youtube suggests to you.

Suppose you are making a video on mesothelioma.

Just paste the keyword mesothelioma on the search bar.

Youtube will autocomplete this.

Some of the keywords you will get are mesothelioma attorney, mesothelioma lawyers, mesothelioma meme, mesothelioma causes and etc.

Write down around 15-20 keywords on your notepad and use the appropriate keywords as your tag in the tag section of your video.

This is very easy.

You will get more impressions.

More impressions mean more views, which means more subscribers.

Tips-2: You can also do another thing.

Decide your keyword.

Find the video on youtube which has more views on that topic.

Copy all those keywords and paste them on your tag section.

By doing this, your video will be played next to that video as the tags are the same.

This method also works now to some extent.

You can try it to increase your subscribers on youtube.

Share on social sites (Advanced)

I have seen most people share their videos only on Facebook.

Is that the only site, where you can share your videos?

The answer is NO!

You can use the following sites.

  1. Quora
  2. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Different forums


Do you know that only from Quora, you can get around millions of traffic alone?

Many people share their youtube videos link on Quora.

Those who are interested click on it and completely watch it.

Some people do subscribe.

You can also try Quora to increase your subscribers.

You just need to find the relevant question and in the answer drop your link and submit. That’s it.


After uploading a video, copy the link.

Share it on Twitter. Here, comes the catch.

Use hashtags while sharing the video.

To find hashtags, go to trending sections and check out the related tags to your video.

Simply add and post it.

If you are not getting any related hashtags, use the hashtags which are related to your keyword.

In this way, you can increase your youtube subscribers easily very fast using Twitter.

The mix is very easy and you can get thousands of traffic from this site.

You just need to put the right keywords.

You can also share your channel’s link there.

It is more ways than Twitter and Facebook.


Some channels are getting millions of traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest works on the ‘board and pin’ system.

So, you just need to create a board, put some attractive images.

Give your video link there.

Viola! You will get a lot of traffic.


There are many forums available on the internet where people ask different questions to each other.

They just need the answer and suggestions.

You can make a video having the answer and tell them to watch the video.

We can get some subscribers from different forums.

Use this code to increase subscribers

You can use this code in your description.

People will not have to come to your site and click on subscribe button.

They just need to click on the link and you will earn a subscriber.

So, the normal code looks like this-

If you want people to subscribe to your channel directly, then just add your channel’s name after the ‘=’ mark.

Eg: For overtecher channel, it would be-

The channel does not exist.

In case, you have less than 100 subscribers and do not have this option, you can copy your channel id and paste it thereafter the ‘=’ sign.

Tell some YouTubers to promote your channel

Now, you are sure that nobody will agree to promote your channel for free.

What should be done?

Contact a youtube that has not many subscribers but significant.

His channel should be of your own niche.

Ask him how much he will charge for a youtube shoutout.

Then, fix the price.

This facility is easily available on the Fiverr.

Some YouTubers can give a shoutout for free also.

Contact them on Instagram.

Learn link building

This method “Link building” will help you in the long run to get more subscribers and views on Youtube.

By this method, you will not get many subscribers in 1 day or overnight.

But, creating backlinks for your channel will make sure that your videos will be ranked on youtube in the coming times.

There are 2 types of backlinks.

  1. Do follow backlinks
  2. No follow backlinks

Do follow backlinks are more useful than no follow backlinks and both are helpful.

Make sure to make around 10-15 backlinks per one video.

You will get many subscribers by doing that.

To make backlinks, you need this code-

<a href="">Your Channel name</a>

Get youtube subscribers from Telegram

If you don’t have a telegram account, go to the play store and install it.

Make an account.

Search any terms there and you will find it.

You will get to see so many groups having millions of members.

Join any group, where you can discuss something.

Or, you can consider creating a new telegram account.

Use your brain. What type of group people want to join? Analyze.

Keep a good name for your telegram channel.

In 1-2 months, you will see around 10k members in your group.

Ask them to subscribe to your channel. As simple as that.

I have already given you hints on which topic you should create a group on telegram.

Just use your brain. Be creative.

Use your Youtube Studio to gain free subscribers

Do you know that you can get many subscribers using your youtube studio?

Here is how!

Step-1: Go to your youtube channel’s analytics.

Step-2: Click on the discovery.

Step-3: You will get your top YouTube search terms.

Step-4: Note it down.

Those keywords are the words that people have searched and found in your video.

That means those search words are the perfect keywords for your channel.

You just make some videos on those keywords.

Voila! All the videos will be ranked within a few days

You will get more subscribers.

Use Youtube Advertisement

Even by using all the above methods, if you are not getting subscribers, then you need to consider Youtube Advertisement.

Using Google Adwords, you can make advertisements for your channel.

If you invest 100$, you will get 100$ in return, using which you can again run an ad for free.

This method will help you getting subscribers within 1 day.

This is the most reliable trick.

You can watch this video and learn how to set up an ad for your channel.

Should you buy YouTube Subscribers?

In one word, the answer is “No!”

Why shouldn’t you buy youtube subscribers is because-

  1. Those are fake subscribers.
  2. Often they are bots.
  3. They will not watch your videos.
  4. Your channel will not be monetized.
  5. Youtube may delete your channel.

It is not ethical and legal to buy Youtube subscribers.

A channel grows, when organic viewers subscribe to the channel.

There are many options like buy subscribers for youtube for free.

You should not go with it as it has adverse repercussions.

Better, try to work hard and try to get organic subscribers.

Bottom Line

Getting subscribers on youtube requires a strategy.

Every successful Youtuber now had struggled initially to get a good number of subscribers.

You just need to make good content and share it.

Don’t purchase youtube views and subscribers.

You should not be worried about 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

You should be concerned about your videos.

Try to make good quality videos. People will automatically subscribe to you.

I hope this post on how to increase youtube subscribers would have helped you.

Remember, hard work pays off! If you want to get youtube sponsorships, read this article.

Thank you.

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