How has bitcoin affected the share market of Gambia?

How has bitcoin affected the share market of Gambia?

The Gambian government has not legally recognized Bitcoin. However, there have been speculations that digital currency is being used in the country’s share market. Learn more at bitcoin code .

Some online trading platforms are allowing their users to trade bitcoins for shares. This trend is likely to increase in the coming years as more people learn about the benefits of bitcoin.

Gambia’s stock market is still in its initial phases of growth. However, a few firms have previously been registered on the marketplace. These companies include Gamtel, Gamel, GameWorks, and Gamindustry.

The Gambian government has been supportive of the growth of the share market. The government has created several incentives to encourage companies to list their shares. These incentives include tax breaks and reduced regulatory burdens.

8 Ways how bitcoin affected the share market of Gambia

  1. People in the Gambia are now more aware of bitcoin and are curious to know how it works.
  2. Due to the increasing popularity of bitcoin, many people have started investing in it, which has increased the demand for bitcoins.
  3. Bitcoin’s value is continuously rising, attracting a growing amount of traders.
  4. The rising demand for bitcoins has resulted in a rise in stock values.
  5. Bitcoin is becoming a smart investment option among the people of Gambia.
  6. The rising price of bitcoin is causing a lot of financial instability in the Gambia.
  7. Bitcoin is slowly replacing the traditional currency system in The Gambia.
  8. The Gambia’s stock market is progressively adjusting to the alterations put on by bitcoin.

The growth of bitcoin and related altcoins has impacted Gambia’s stock market. This is mainly because the Gambian government has recently introduced a tax on cryptocurrencies. However, this has not stopped the share market from booming. Since then, the share market has grown in popularity, and many traders are using cryptocurrencies.

The stock market of the Gambia in West Africa has fallen significantly since the country suspended trading in bitcoin.

The government broke its trading in bitcoin due to potential manipulation and the lack of regulatory oversight.

In addition, the nature of the country’s financial crisis, a bad economy, and current international sanctions has led traders and investors to abandon their position. That is why the price of bitcoin has dropped drastically.

Eight negatives of bitcoin that affected the share market of Gambia

Unlike conventional fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar, bitcoin is not issued by any central bank, nor can anyone create “new bitcoins” to issue new units.

Each user can have their unique copy of the code necessary to develop bitcoins; this feature makes bitcoin an unspeyable currency. Here are eight negatives of bitcoin that affected the share market of Gambia

  1. Volatility: Bitcoin prices are highly volatile, making it difficult for people to trust it as a store of value.
  2. Limited acceptance: Bitcoin is accepted by very few merchants, which significantly hinders its wider adoption.
  3. Security concerns: Bitcoin has been prone to security breaches and theft, which has led to the loss of funds for many investors.
  4. Illiquidity: The liquidity of bitcoin is low, and this hampers its use as a day-to-day currency.
  5. Slow processing times: Bitcoin transactions can take a long time to process, again a significant hindrance to its wider adoption.
  6. High transaction fees: The transaction fees associated with bitcoin are high, which deters its use for small transactions.
  7. Lack of governance: Bitcoin is not governed by any central authority, leading to chaos and confusion among users.
  8. Negative publicity: The negative publicity around bitcoin has led to investors losing trust.

The Gambian share market has had a very volatile share price since its launch in December of 2011. Due to the risk associated with the foreign exchange markets, it is often difficult to tell precisely how much of a share price is due to speculation and how much of a share price is expected to actual trading.


Though bitcoin has its share of negatives, its positives still outweigh them. The increasing acceptance of bitcoin, coupled with its rising price, makes it a preferred investment option among the people of Gambia.

The share market in the Gambia is gradually adapting to the changes brought about by bitcoin, which is likely to positively impact the country’s economy.

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