How to Find Duplicate Files on External Hard Drive?

How to Find Duplicate Files on External Hard Drive?

External hard drives are primarily used to transfer the data and take their backup. But, these useful devices can become a headache when it starts duplicating the files. Finding duplicate files on HDD (hard drive disk) and getting them deleted can save up a lot of storage space. 

The article will show you why and how to find duplicate files on external hard drive easily and quickly.

Why Do Files Duplicate on External Hard Drives?

Two files with the same content can be considered duplicate files. These files may have the same name as the original file but consist of numerals enclosed in parentheses. The identical files may enter the HDD while transferring the same files twice from the computer or other devices. 

Another reason is backing up the same file two times. Relocating the files with a copy-and-paste process method also duplicates the files.  

How to Find Duplicate Files on External Hard Drive

Why Locate Duplicate Files on External Hard Drive?

Searching and removing duplicate photos and other files not only helps with better file organization and management but it benefits a lot. As compared to internal storage, external HDDs are more underwhelming. The reason is that external ones are linked through USB instead of the motherboard.

Keeping duplicate files on an external HDD slows down the disk performance. Identical files take up extra storage for the same file. It may lead to the consumption of more space than required, which means arranging additional hard disks. 

The collection of too many duplicate files makes it quite challenging to discover the latest files. Therefore, to avoid such difficulties, you must learn how to find duplicate files on external hard drive and quickly delete them.

  • Locate Copied Files on External Hard Drive Manually

The duplicate files on the external hard drive can be found manually. To ensure complete convenience, it is important to properly follow the process. Connect external hard drive and computer. Enter Windows + E to launch File Explorer. Organize the files based on the name, size, or date. 

Locate the identical files by comparing them side-by-side. Or search them by entering the name in the search bar. Note that it is time-consuming.

  • Use Duplicate File Finder Tools

Another way is to use a tool or a program. To find duplicate files on an external hard drive on Mac, you can use ‘Cisdem Duplicate Finder’ for Mac. Connect your external storage device to your Mac, and download and install this software. Drag the drive into the app and then click Scan. 

Once the scanning gets completed, you will locate all the duplicate files appearing. You can preview those files on various types, such as photos, audio, video, and document.

How to Find Duplicate Files on External Hard Drive

How to Delete Duplicate Files?

The duplicate files can be deleted in two ways – manually and using third-party apps or duplicate file removal software.

  • Remove Duplicate Files Manually

If there is not a bulk of duplicate files, you can get rid of them manually. Plug the external HDD into the Mac. Access Finder. Choose the external drive in the Devices sidebar. To open a search bar, apply shortcut Command-F. Select Kind and then choose the file type and file format if required. 

Organize the listed files based on any parameter and find them by previewing and comparing them. Now, simply move the unwanted and duplicate files into the recycle bin.

  • Delete Duplicate Files with Apps or Programs

Using third-party programs is good for locating and removing identical files on HDD. To remove duplicate files, get the trusted app and install it on your device. Pair both devices and use the selected app to scan the external drive by using the option Scan external storage. 

Let the program and app scan the drive for duplicate and related files. Once the scanning completes, select the required file and remove that. For example, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. Download, install and execute this app on your device.

Make a checkmark next to the external hard drive. Choose “Look for these file types only” and then select the file you wish to delete. To begin the searching process, click Search. Select the file you want to delete and hit Delete Selected Files to remove identical files.

How to Stop Files From Duplicating?

To avoid files from creating multiple duplicates, try to avoid unnecessary backups. Immediately delete media from the SD card after moving it to your system. Set your computer settings to automatically find redundant data when you are importing files. 

Most importantly, rely on duplicate finder software on a regular basis. To speed up the searching process for copied files, add the Time Machine backup folder to Skip List.

The Conclusion

Are you looking for duplicate images, documents, music copies in iTunes, videos, or any other file type? The reliable duplicate file detector and remover will help clear gigabytes of useless file copies. 

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