Best Password Managers to secure your online accounts

Best Password Managers to secure your online accounts

With most people now spending a large of their lives online, it’s becoming increasingly important to pay attention to online security. Yet, a lot of people don’t pay heed to such concerns, or think they are immune to security threats. After all, most people’s personal internet usage is pretty basic: they check their socials, stream videos, and probably shop. Things hardly ever get spicier than searching up the latest Cox cable packages. For the average person, adulting is pretty boring.

However, this is no reason to not care about safety on the internet. With the way digital technologies are progressing, our online personas are becoming more valuable every day. For example, the record of the majority of our social interactions is now online. This means that a breach of our online privacy can compromise many intimate details about our lives. Also, increasing digitization means a lot of transactions are now taking place online. With a few simple keystrokes, we can buy items and pay for them. If our pin codes are not strong enough, we risk even facing theft.

The Importance of Passwords

Isn’t it incredibly annoying when you set up a perfectly good password like “myname123” and the website tells you it needs to be stronger? Of course, it is. But you know what’s more annoying? Having your online identity stolen, being kicked out of your own social media accounts, and having your private pictures leaked.

Fun, no? If you think that’s a stretch, then maybe you don’t know the internet well enough. The very act of being online means placing yourself at constant privacy risks. But, there’s good news. With strong passwords, you can reduce these risks by a huge share. When all other online security measures fail, a strong password can be the only thing protecting you.

And what’s a strong password? It’s one that is long, includes a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Using easily guessable things like family names and birth dates is very unsafe. So is using the same password for multiple accounts. But how do you remember and keep track of countless complex passwords?

The safest and most practical method is to use a reliable password manager. Here are some of the best ones you can try out.


This is one of the best paid password managers you can use across multiple platforms. While it is slightly heavier on the pocket, it offers features to match its price. 1Password has a convenient app that works on all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, the works. Also, with 1Password, you require—you guessed it—just one password! With one master password to rule them all, you can keep all your online accounts secure.

Moreover, 1Password allows you to store 1GB worth of sensitive data. With this, you can also instantly remove sensitive information from your device while traveling. Once you return, you can restore it all with a single click! With a 2-Factor Authentication option for added security, the ability to make guest accounts for sharing passwords, and a free 1-week trial, 1Password is a worthy investment.


This is the ideal password manager for a single device. Simple to use, the free version of Dashlane can store up to 50 passwords at a time. Of course, you can extend this limit by opting for a premium subscription.

Dashlane also uses multi-factor authentication to tighten your password security. Moreover, it can store your data and automatically fill out the address and other information forms! And if you opt for the premium plan, you can unlock much fancier features. For example, Dashlane can even scour the dark web to check if your security has been breached!


A new password manager on the block, NordPass is the popular anti-virus company’s latest offering. Overall, this is a simple and powerful password manager that you can use via its desktop and mobile apps, as well as browser plugins. Also, it can store encrypted passwords and suggest strong ones you can use.

NordPass also offers to store sensitive data like credit card or bank information for you. Moreover, its premium version lets you sync your data across six devices. Plus, you can use it to manage an unlimited number of passwords!

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