What To Look for While Looking for Best Crypto Exchanges In 2022?

What To Look for While Looking for Best Crypto Exchanges In 2022?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the foundation of the crypto-economy. These exchanges allow crypto coins to be traded among other cryptocurrencies or between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The exchange’s prices are also used as indexes for other markets. We put together this helpful post where we break down all the factors you should look for when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange that best suits your needs in 2022. As the cases of fraudulent and fake platforms have increased in the recent few years, it is crucial to look for the best crypto exchange to ensure the safety of your assets. Some crucial points are detailed to help you find the best pick among cryptocurrency exchanges. Go to the website to learn more about bitcoin.

Professionalism And Customer Service

Cryptocurrency exchanges have become the industry where professionalism is vital for success. It can be seen how it has started to approach problems and customer complaints. However, not all are equally efficient with providing customer support to clients. Some may have offered traders a personal touch over the phone, while others may be satisfied with the help they get in online chat mode.

Best In Class Security

The platform you choose to trade on must have a high level of security. Many people were shocked when they lost their money because they used a fake or a scam platform. Security is the very base of any cryptocurrency exchange. It comes in many forms, primarily when you look at how they store funds such as your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. Depending on their security features, some exchanges go further than others in how much information they require you to share with them before starting trading. Security comes in two ways; the first is done by providing a safe platform for traders. Investors can make money without fear of losing anything due to hacking, an inevitable part of cryptocurrency.

Better Reputation Than Fiat Currencies

The reputation of the cryptocurrency exchange is a significant consideration as it will guide you to know whether it is a genuine platform or not. Look at the reviews from renowned platforms and pick one that suits you best. Reputation is an essential aspect of any business, regardless of its industry. On top of that, many companies have been trying to abuse the trust of their customers by introducing ICO scams and fake exchanges to attract investors looking for virtual cryptocurrency exchanges.

Attractive Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are one thing that every investor has to worry about because they indicate how profitable your digital asset trading will be. When looking at exchange rates, have an open mind because a stable platform that is convenient to you may have a lower exchange rate than a too-popular platform with higher fees. It can be explained by the fact that more and more people start to invest their money in these platforms due to their convenience than the fact that the platform is reliable.

Top Three Best Crypto Exchanges For Small Investors


Their business is primarily traded on exchanging fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. How does the platform work? When you connect your bank account to their platform and confirm that you have sufficient cash from them, the platform will transfer money into your account. This platform takes a crypto fee for each transaction that it performs. You can also trade coins from your Coinbase account through their GDAX platform, essentially a crypto-to-crypto platform.


Localbitcoins is a crypto exchange platform for crypto-to-crypto transactions. Along with being pure crypto to crypto exchange, it acts as a marketplace for individuals who want to place ads to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. In addition, this platform allows transfers between different countries, making it an ideal place to take advantage of the low to medium exchange rates found through it.

Crypto investors are putting their money into online assets for fast returns. However, the high turnover rate of cryptocurrencies comes with an equal level of risk as an investment. Therefore, do all possible research before starting your trading journey.

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