Can you use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU? 4 Important things you need to know!

AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU

You must have heard that the CPU is the brain of a computer. Do you have any idea that why it is called so?

Gone are those days, when the CPU was the only unit that was responsible for the overall performance of a computer.

With the advent of new technology, GPU became another popular name on which a PC’s certain performances related to graphics became dependent.

Soon people started using GPU exclusively on their PCs to increase their PC’s performance. And, then the conflict began.

With a certain company’s CPU, people started pairing another company’s GPU and vice-versa.

You know the experiment was as exciting as the resultant performance was.

But, wait a minute!

What is the CPU? What is the GPU?

What’s the connection between these two? Can we use these words interchangeably?

We will discuss everything here starting from the basics, then we would move to AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU topic.

First of all, let’s know the point that we are going to cover in this article.

  1. What is the CPU?
  2. What is the GPU?
  3. The relation between CPU and GPU.
  4. And, finally AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU.

Let’s dive in.

What is the CPU?

The full form of the word CPU is ‘central processing unit.’ As the name suggests ‘central,’ it is the brain and main part of a computer.

It is the main processor or simply a processor. What does it do?

Well, it does almost all thing on your computer or laptop.

If you are surfing the internet, using a calculator, writing code, or anything, it is because of the CPU that you are able to perform it.

If it stops functioning, you will not be able to run your computer.

In fact, it is the CPU that runs the operating system and other applications on your computer.

amd cpu with nvidia gpu

To give you an example, I would like to cite this.

Suppose you are using the calculator and puts two numerics seven and eight to add.

The CPU receives the input. Processes the data. In the end, it shows the output on the screen.

The important thing that you should know is that the CPU contains a minimum of one processor, which is in the form of a chip inside the CPU. This chip actually does all the operations and gives the output, which we see on the screen.

The processor is also called the processing core.

While it is mandatory that every CPU contains at least one processing core, the number of processors can be increased.

In fact, nowadays, most of the CPU comes with 2 processing units, having 2 chips inside them. It is popularly known as a dual-core CPU.

You must have heard quad-core processors. It is nothing but, that CPU which contains 4 processing cores.

And, now you can calculate the processing cores of hexacore and octa-core, which comes in high-end CPUs.

In one sentence, we can say that a CPU is a general processor which do all the functions in a PC.

On the other hand, GPU is completely different from the CPU.

Let’s discuss what is a GPU.

What is the GPU?

The full form of the word GPU is the Graphics processing unit. CPU is the central processor, while it is a co-processor.

You now must have realized that this GPU also does some type of processing work. No?

You are correct. GPU processes graphics.

Now tell me, what is graphics?

Everything, be it images, videos, or any visuals that you see on your computer screen is called graphics.

In simpler words, computer graphics are the visual representation of different types of data, be it an image or a video or anything.

Furthermore, computer graphics are divided into 2 types.

  1. Raster, which is nothing but the composition of pixels.
  2. Vector, which is composed of different paths.

Remember the time while searching for an image, you had come across the term vector images?

amd cpu with nvidia gpu

These are the basics. What does the GPU do?

It renders images and videos faster than the CPU as the parallel technique has been used here.

GPU does so many calculations in very little time as compared to CPU. As a result, the quality of the video and images increases.

If we particularly talk about the uses of GPU, then you will come to know its importance while playing a game.

AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU: The relation between CPU and GPU

Both the Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit are processors, which do some functions regarding the processing of a program.

Even if we talk about mobile, there is also a processor of a CPU.

As I have discussed earlier that the CPU does all types of general works be it doing a calculation or surfing the internet or writing code or anything.

But, GPU is a certain type of specified processor which manages the graphics part of a mobile or a computer.

When GPU handles all those graphics processing parts, there is less or no function of CPU here.

GPU can be used in two ways.

  1. Integrated GPU
  2. Dedicated GPU

Integrated GPU is a part of your processor which only handles the graphics part. You can know and read more about those terms here.

For example, if you have an intel processor, then you will find that there is a graphics card of Intel there.

On the other hand, the dedicated GPU is used exclusively. People buy it when the laptop or computer that they have does not contain the integrated GPU.

Some popular GPU cards are IntelAMD & ARM.

Especially the dedicated GPU is used by gamers.

GPU is good for parallel processing while CPU is good for serial processing.

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Can you use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU?

Now the final question that can we use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU?

Some people give suggestions not to pair AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU as they think that it can bring some problems.

But, the fact is that pairing AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU brings will work fine.

In fact, why AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU, you can also try intel CPU with an AMD card or any other combinations whatsoever. Everything will work perfectly fine.

There is no problem at all.

The thing that you should be more concerned with is the bottlenecking of the GPU.

You can combine both AMD and Intel with Nvidia GPU.

Just go for trying to match the manufacturing companies. Choose the CPU and GPU which fits your need. That’s it.

Question: Can you use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU?

Answer: Yes, you can use an AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU. There is no problem at all. It works perfectly fine.

Here is a video, you can check out. It explains whether you can use Ryzen with AMD GPU.


Just don’t run behind matching the manufacturing companies of CPU and GPU.

Select among the CPUs and GPUs, which fit your needs perfectly.

To conclude, you can use Nvidia GPU with AMD CPU. If you face any screen issue on your pc like a white screen issue, then you can refer to this article.

If you have any doubts, you can ask your questions below.

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